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Luer-Lock connection principle open doors in the medical technology

(PresseBox) (Töging a. Inn, ) The Luer-Lock connector was named after the German instrument maker Wülfing Luer and is a standardized connection type that exists only in a single version. The worldwide spread tight form fit connection is realized by a 6 % cone. The inner cone is known as the female part, the outer cone is the male equivalent. If the male part has an additional threaded union ring you called this system a Luer-Lock. This extra locking feature protects against an accidental mechanical loosening of this connection, for tightening and loosening you just need a 180° rotation. Both connection points of the flowplus are designed as luer connections and therefore offer optimal fields of application in medical technology. With this kind of connection type you have the chance to combine almost all devices in the medical market with each other, e.g. syringes, drain tubes, infusion tubes, catheters, injection needles and combinations out of that. Safety is a major aim in the medical technology and has to be guaranteed at any time and in any place. This global compatibility to various medical devices manufacturers and the international standardization make the flowplus so universal. With its miniature size and the advantages of the Luer-Lock connection, the flowplus can easily implement and use in medical applications. Another benefit is the functional coated flow channel, which is designed with an FDA-compliant elastomer (FFKM). This channel ensures that the monitored fluid has only contact with this elastomer and not, as in conventional pressure sensors, with a metallic or non-metallic (ceramic) diaphragm.

When medical processes must be controlled or monitored, for example the continuous conveying of liquid substances, the flowplus is responsible for the process safety and monitors the flow of the material over the emerging pressure. The customer or operator has a pressure range up to 16 bar and evaluates the pressure signal through a standardized 0.1 to 10 VDC output signal. Furthermore, the flowplus comes pre-calibrated to the end user and is immediately ready to use after the implementation in the monitoring system.

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ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH

ViscoTec, based in Töging a. Inn in Upper Bavaria, Germany, specializes in systems for conveying, dosing, applying, filling and emptying medium-high viscosity media. ViscoTec was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the pump division of Resch Maschinenbau GmbH. More than 60 employees currently draw on over 20 years of expertise to manufacture sophisticated solutions for the global market.