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Xeditor is the future oriented alternative to the conventional HTML and Text Editors!

Advantages of the web-based XML-content formatting via Xeditor- extremely simple to create editorial publications or technical documentation

(PresseBox) (München , ) Today's world requires companies to be present everywhere and in a variety of media like Print, Tablet, and Mobile. The fact that many companies have an increasing demand for technical documentation, contracts, and editorial publications, makes it indispensable to have a standardized data format. With HTML and MSWord, content and data is created merely for simple reporting purposes. They don't allow you to structure, manage, standardize, and reuse content. The resulting huge amount of work involved in content preparation can be significantly reduced only by structured content production. For this purpose Xeditor uses a data format, XML, which allows for structured content and provides a media-neutral data storage thus making content re-usability automatically possible.

appsoft Technologies, one of the leading providers of XML-oriented software solutions, solved this problem by using Xeditor, an innovative, intuitively operable, web-based XML-Editor.

Xeditor offers the following added value in comparison to HTML and Text-Editor:

XML- the future technology

Xeditor guarantees, in comparison to conventional editors that do not allow any content structure, a simple and media-neutral data storage for content re-use and a variety of output media (Multi-Channel Publishing) like Print, Web, Tablet and Mobile, technical documentation, contracts, and editorial publications.

Creation of semantically enhanced high quality structured content

Xeditor allows authors to concentrate on writing content because the document structure is already defined. "With Xeditor we achieve a completely new level of quality for the reader" stated Stefan Huegel, Director Digital Media for IDG Business Media GmbH.

Efficient and productive workflows

The XML-based structuring of content, in comparison to the unstructured content using HTML or Text-Format, allows to further process editorial content in an automated, highly cost effective, fast and error-free manner. To shorten the review cycle and support collaboration between authors, Xeditor-Interface enables you to make or retrieve information and comments about current or previous changes from any location. Central storage guarantees easy communication and quality assurance.

Intelligent, intuitive user interface, similar to MSWord

In order for authors not to have to learn a completely new Front-end, Xeditor is based on customary word-like toolbar buttons and can therefore be used without any technical knowledge. Authors are led intuitively through the defined document structure and thanks to the real-time validation feature avoids incorrect entries. There is an on-going quality monitoring of documents and the content will already be at the time of creation in its' desired output format.

Web-based Solutions

Xeditor allows central administration of software installations as well as system updates and a universal accessibility. With Xeditor, the user must not worry about anything and can work independent of the system regardless of where the user is located.

Open and highly flexible structure and high-end technology

Xeditor is based on the current open standards like XML, XSD/DTD, XSLT, JavaScript and CSS Stylesheets (format templates). Programmers can be quickly productive because it can be easily linked to existing and conventional web server environments like Java, .NET or PHP.

Xeditor's features:
  • Intuitive user interface, similar to MSWord
  • Intelligent real-time validation
  • Easy adaption to individual XML schemes
  • Simple integration into existing systems
  • Modern and open architecture
  • Web-based and location-independent
  • Clear change tracking
  • Professional comment system for easy collaboration
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Spelling and grammar check

Xeditor allows the creation of structured, re-usable content that can be used in multi-channel publishing or the creation of technical documentation, contracts and editorial publications while still offering a user interface similar to MSWord. Xeditor reduces workload, enables efficient and productive workflows and promotes collaboration between authors.

Target group
Companies with multi-channel publishing, technical documentation, contracts and editorial publications.

Xeditor provides free support and service for up to ten hours within the framework of a test installation.

Xeditor Framework (incl. 1domain and 1 user license for named user):EUR 2,500, $ 3,250 (excl. VAT)
Additional user license: EUR 250, $ 325 (excl. VAT)

Update June 2014
Optimization of system architecture Reduction of loading time User interface re-designed

Trade fairs
Tekom Jahrestagung (11.-13. November 2014), CrossMediaForum München ( July 10, 2014), Frankfurt Book Fair (October 8-10, 2014)

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