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octoplus laundry machines - because care requires flexibility

New from Miele: 8 kg washer-extractor and tumble dryer with commercial-grade technology

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) Work in institutional care is multifaceted, not least when it comes to laundry care. New washerextractors and tumble dryers from Miele with an 8 kg load capacity are the ideal proposition for wardend use and in onpremise laundries serving care homes. The octoplus generation has full commercial specifications and controls adapt to the needs of staff as it can be configured to be extremely simple or to offer the entire gamut of programmes. Washing, disinfection and drying programmes can be modified to meet the individual needs of care homes.

The term 'octoplus' is derived from the Latin for eight and denotes the machine's load capacity of 8 kg as well as standing for 8 compelling reasons to invest in this new technology. Consequently, octoplus machines adapt to the needs of their users and not vice versa. In total, more than 70 washing and over 40 drying programmes are available. Which of these are actually available to users from the machine's controls is a decision taken by the operator when machines are first commissioned. This approach combines simplicity with flexibility as programme options not activated at this stage can be added later. Equally so, less relevant programmes can be hidden from view later if not needed.

One example of the programmes available is the 'Beds' package containing separate programmes for eiderdowns, duvets with natural hair or synthetic fillings and pillows. Of great practical relevance are three different programmes for chemothermal and thermal disinfection. Other programmes are available for cleaning mops and cloths as well as kitchen and table linen and bedding. And if wishes still remain unfulfilled, 5 customised wash and drying programmes are available which can be compiled to suit individual needs from predefined options. This flexibility is summarised by the term 'flexplus' which stands for greater performance in meeting individual needs.

Awardwinning design

The new series comprises electrically heated washerextractors with a dump valve or drain pump (PW 6080) and a tumble dryer (PT 7186). The latter was even awarded the iF design award 2009 before its launch - a coveted worldwide endorsement of design excellence. The dryer is available with electric or gas heating. In view of rising energy prices, the gas dryer is a viable proposition - onsite conditions permitting - as operating costs are considerably lower than on electrically heated models.

All machines from the new series are available in stainless steel, white and Octoblue. Compared with the previous generation and despite a load capacity increase of 0.5 kg, these machines are more economical to run. The washerextractor, for example, requires 30% less water and 16% less electricity in 'Cottons 60°C'. Furthermore, the large 80 l drum capacity allows laundry to be drenched and wetted fast. The 180 l capacity of the tumble dryer reduces creasing and speeds up the finishing process.

Both washerextractor and tumble dryer feature Miele's patented honeycomb drum. In the washing process, the sculptured drum surface creates a film of water on which laundry gently glides. In the tumble dryer, tiny air pockets in the hexagonal sections between laundry and drum cushion falling items during tumbling action. On the dryer, patented, electronic PerfectDry moisturesensing technology determines when selected drying stages have been reached. Precise measurements enable spoton drying results, help save energy and protect against overdrying.

comfortplus: Controls that work to perfection

It makes sense to offer a variety of control sets to suit user groups and applications. On octoplus machines, this is possible at the touch of a button. And if controls are to be kept as simple as possible, the choice can be reduced to only 4 programmes. To start a programme on either the washer or the dryer, only two steps are necessary: Simply select one of the four programmes offered in the display and press 'Start' - it's as simple as that. More experienced users can access the full range of programmes via the same display, in which case programmes are picked using a rotary selector. And the controls adapt to the needs of users in different countries by allowing a range of different languages to be activated. This, too, can be done at the touch of a button.

Similarly, the detergent dispenser, featuring AutoClean technology to improve detergent flushing properties, is also easy to use. In addition to the builtin dispenser, it is also possible to connect up to 6 dispenser pumps for liquid detergents. Liquids are introduced into the machine separately via a patented duct. The new largesurface filter on the tumble dryer is more than 2.5 times bigger than the one on the previous series of machines and now only needs cleaning after several programme cycles.

powerplus: A noticeable increase in performance

These machines have all the technical sophistication needed to ensure economical laundry care. Thanks to the powerful heater rating of approx. 8 kW, programmes lasting less than 1 hour are achieved on both the washerextractors and the tumble dryer. A rugged build and a powerful motor ensure a spin speed of 1300 rpm in the final spin cycle, achieving residual moisture levels of less than 50%. This results in considerably faster drying times. Thanks to multistage imbalance monitoring in the spin cycle and a suds container suspended on four springs and four shock absorbers, the washing machine is extremely quiet in operation.


FotoSo flexibel wie erfahrene Mitarbeiter sind auch die neuen Miele-Waschmaschinen und -Trockner, die unter dem Namen "octoplus" angeboten werden. Mit acht kg Füllgewicht bewältigen sie größere Wäscheposten allein oder ergänzen die "großen" Maschinen perfekt - zum Beispiel mit verschiedenen Programmen für die chemothermische und einem Programm für die thermische Desinfektion. Die Bedienung kann den Kenntnissen des Personals angepasst werden, entweder als besonders einfache Variante oder mit vielen Auswahlmöglichkeiten.

Miele & Cie. KG

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