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Imtech: technology partner for sustainable Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

(PresseBox) (Gouda, ) Imtech N.V. (technical services provider in Europe) announces that it is acting as technology partner for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport during the coming years as part of a cooperation called theGROUNDS, which was launched today. theGrounds is the platform and test site of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where companies and knowledge institutes jointly develop innovative applications for sustainable aviation. theGrounds, which consists of Schiphol, Imtech and the knowledge institutes TNO, TU (Technical University) Delft and Wageningen University & Research Centre, works at developing concrete solutions for energy, water and mobility. The strength of Imtech (electrical solutions, ICT - information and communication technology - and mechanical solutions) within this knowledge platform is that it contributes sustainable energy technology for all the technical solutions.

Boudewijn Gerner, CFO of Imtech, who is actively involved in this initiative: 'An initiative such as theGrounds suits us perfectly. As practical implementation partner, we will apply all our knowledge to turn Schiphol into a sustainable airport. Innovative and sustainable technologies will be used, including advanced cogeneration, a biomass power station, a hightech IT platform on which a 'smart grid' will be based for efficient power distribution, and which will also enable electrical transport. Collaborating with knowledge institutes such as TNO, TU Delft and Wageningen University & Research Centre allows a combination of science and practical implementation to be applied to the subject of sustainability.'

Trias Energetica approach: proven business case

Imtech is contributing towards the goal of achieving sustainable energy consumption at Schiphol by 2020. Schiphol has the ambition to become CO2 neutral in 2012 and to power 20% of its energy needs in a durable way in 2020. This will be realised among others by the Imtech Trias Energetica approach, whereby a sustainable energy supply is achieved via three simultaneous steps, namely energy saving, sustainable energy generation, and energy efficiency. This approach is a proven business case for Imtech, as it is being used with success in other projects.

Latest sustainable solutions

Together with Schiphol, Imtech is establishing the Energy Service Company (ESCO), a power station where innovative and (extremely) sustainable technologies will be applied. Sustainable energy will be generated in a sustainable power station based on the design, build & operate model, where the following technologies will be applied:

cogeneration, the combined generation of heat and electricity (power) with high yield; this technology is completely CO2 and Nox neutral;a secondgeneration biomass power station with extremely highenergy efficiency (more than 80%); photovoltaic (solar) cells for electrical power; a hightech IT platform as the basis for the construction of a 'smart grid' which on the one hand will distribute the generated power efficiently, and on the other hand will be the basis for 'green moves', enabling the charging of electric cars and electric transport; urban (vertical) wind turbines, through which wind energy can be generated safely and without polluting the horizon; a 'green' data centre with hightech 'common rail cooling', which integrates the heat generated in the data centre into the area in an energysaving way and creates extra CO2 reduction.

Knowledge of Schiphol and technology partner for other European airports

Imtech has been actively involved with Schiphol since the beginning. Imtech has contributed to a variety of technical challenges, including the lighting (airside) and improvements to the technical infrastructure at and around the runways, as well as improvements to fire safety and climate control inside the airport. Imtech is also a technology partner for other European airports. Imtech is currently providing sustainable technology solutions at Airport Berlin Brandenburg International (capacity 45 million passengers), an order worth 125 million euro. Until recently, Imtech was involved in the extension of the airports of amongst others Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dublin and Maastricht.

Knowledge of sustainability

Imtech is increasingly involved in sustainable projects by way of innovative technological solutions. The focus is on 'energy & environment', amongst others energy (sustainable exploitation of energy sources and energy savings) and lower emissions of harmful particles. These activities contribute 25% to Imtech's total revenue. Imtech is one of the fastest growing technical services providers in the European energy market.

Imtech Contracting GmbH

Imtech N.V. is a European technical services provider in the fields of electrical engineering, ICT and mechanical engineering. With approximately 23,000 employees, Imtech achieves annual revenue of more then 4.3 billion euro. Imtech holds strong positions in the buildings, industry and infrastructure/traffic markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Eastern Europe, Nordic, the UK, Ireland and Spain and in the global marine market. In total Imtech serves 20,000 customers. Imtech offers added value in the form of integrated and multidisciplinary total solutions that lead to better business processes and more efficiency for customers and the customers they, in their turn, serve. Imtech also offers solutions that contribute towards a sustainable society, for example in the areas of energy, the environment, water and mobility. Imtech shares are listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange Amsterdam, where Imtech is included in the Midkap Index. Imtech shares are also included in the Dow Jones STOXX 600 index.