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ibidi introduces LifeAct for Actin cytoskeleton visualization

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) ibidi GmbH, a supplier of solutions for Bio-Microscopy, releases LifeAct, a novel probe for visualization of Actin cytoskeleton organization and dynamics.

In the past, Actin markers visualized Actin but also disturbed the acitivity of the protein. In contrast, the new Actin marker LifeAct from ibidi binds to the structure protein without constraining its activity. Only 17 amino acids long, LifeAct is linked to a fluorescent dye which allows the tracking of development and movement of Actin structures. Originating from yeast, the marker has also been successfully utilized in kidney cells, white blood cells, neurons and a multitude of further cell types and tissues.

LifeAct is available as a plasmid coding for the peptide and a red or green fluorescent protein. The plasmid is used for easy transfection of various cell types and for the generation of stably expressing cell lines.

"LifeAct perfectly fits in our product portfolio on cell microscopy, immuno­fluorescence and cell based assays", commented Dr. Valentin Kahl, cofounder and managing director of ibidi GmbH. "With this marker our customers are able to easily visualize and quantify the movement of cells. This technology will be especially useful for studies on angiogenesis, but also in oncology, neurology and immunology."

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