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In Focus: Mobile Pump Unit for AdBlue® by ZUWA-Zumpe

(PresseBox) (Laufen, ) The bavarian pump manufacturer ZUWA-Zumpe offers pumps and pump kits specially devlopped to refill trucks with AdBlue®. AdBlue is a urea water solution that is applied to reduce pollutant emission of diesel fuelled commercial vehicles in the context of the SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). The pumps and pump kits of ZUWA-Zumpe for AdBlue® are successfully tested by renowned truck manufacturers and have delivered an excellent performance in several years of practical experience.

The pump kit AdBlue® TOP 2 by ZUWA-Zumpe is an economic and reliable solution to transfer AdBlue®. The dispensing unit is particularly suitable for IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and can be easily moved from one container to another by means of the supporting base plate.

AdBlue® TOP 2 consists of a high capacity self-priming pump constructed of stainless steel, mounted on a steel plate, 4 metre filling hose and a suction hose with quick coupling and foot valve. Furthermore the kit includes a nozzle and a nozzle holder with drip collector.

The flow rate, maximum 40 litres per minute, and the pressure of up to 5 bar provide for a rapid filling of the AdBlue® tanks of trucks.

A stainless steel flow meter with digital display, high precision and easy calibrating indicates the dispensing volume.