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Z1 Global TrustPoint is about to become the ultimate online certificate portal

Zertificon expands trustcenter connections for certificates

(PresseBox) (Berlin, Germany, ) Zertificon's Z1 Global TrustPoint ( is already connected to more than 100 Certificate Authorities (CAs) and is about to become the biggest online certificate portal. The certificate portal is a service that allows an easy upload, search for and verification of X.509 certificates and PGP keys. This service is very effective, efficient and simplifies secure e-mail exchange especially with international enterprises that rely on Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) for secure e-mail communication. The German postal service's own Signtrust CA and TeleTrusT's European Bridge CA (EBCA) are the latest two major CA connection additions.

Security threats and compliance regulations lead to an increasing use of e-mail encryption and digital signatures, both of which depend on the use and distribution of digital certificates that are supposed to authenticate identities. Since certificates can be forged it is necessary to verify these certificates. There are various sources that issue certificates, so-called Certification Authorities (CAs) that belong to Trustcenters or larger enterprises that run their own CAs. With Root CAs and intertwined cross certification processes it can be very difficult and time consuming to verify the validity of a certificate.

Z1 Global TrustPoint makes the use of PKIs less troublesome and more efficient. The portal works as a powerful certificate publishing service and search engine with automated verification. Companies can upload their public keys, which in turn can then be found and downloaded by any user. The verification process is performed via LDAP connections and real time OCSP-requests. Now that connections have been extended, users can also find and verify certificates issued by Signtrust and any EBCA member.

The product that is actually providing the Z1 Global TrustPoint services is "Z1 CertServer" which is available as appliance solution for larger enterprises and comes with various APIs and configuration options. It is already widely used because it also works as a component of Zertificon's renowned e-mail encryption solution, Z1 SecureMail Gateway. Z1 CertServer has been centrally requesting, managing and verifying X.509 certificates and PGP keys in hundreds of instances very efficiently and largely unrecognised for years. The default Z1 CertServer Trustcenter connections can be altered and extended individually, a connection to the ever-growing Z1 Global TrustPoint is recommended.

Z1 Global TrustPoint is open to the public and meant to simplify secure communication for all parties involved.

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Zertificon Solutions GmbH

Zertificon Solutions is an IT security software company based in Berlin, Germany. Since 1998, its focus has been on safeguarding electronic business processes over the Internet using server-based encryption and digital signatures. The portfolio consists of the Z1 SecureMail family, which comprises various solutions to protect all e-mail traffic for organisations of all sizes and industries. The leading-edge, award-winning products operate according to international standards and are characterised by ease of use and high cost-effectiveness. The Z1 CertServer software solution, a central system developed in-house for validating and managing public keys and certificates, completes the product range. Zertificon Solutions'

clients include renowned organisations and companies from the fields of finance, automotive industry, healthcare, the public sector, industry and retail, as well as lawyers, accountants and many others.