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Retail, Direct Selling and B2C E-Commerce continue to show positive Development in South Africa

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) In its latest "South Africa Retail, Direct Selling and B2C E-Commerce Report 2012" Hamburg-based secondary market research firm provides an in-depth analysis of B2C commerce in Africa. In addition to general demographic and economic facts and figures, each of the categories retail, direct selling and B2C E-Commerce are outlined in detail.

South Africa's demographics are unusual, which has an impact on commerce too. In 2011, almost one quarter of all inhabitants were unemployed, which is far more than the worldwide average of nearly one tenth. Secondly, 60 percent of the population of 50 million were younger than 30 in South Africa.

South African retail continues to grow

For retail, the "South Africa Retail, Direct Selling and B2C E-Commerce Report 2012" by presents segments, key market figures and the six largest players based on global revenue. The report shows that retail market revenue is expected to grow by double digit percentage rates at least until 2015, which can be attributed, amongst others, to growing income and the increasing number of foreign visitors to the country. The consumer electronics market, which is the largest on the entire continent, is forecasted to generate revenues of more than 10 billion USD for 2015, almost 10% of total retail sales. The supermarkets Shoprite, Massmart and Pick n Pay were the largest retailers in South Africa in terms of global revenue.

Household goods very popular in direct selling in South Africa

Furthermore, the "South Africa Retail, Direct Selling and B2C E-Commerce Report 2012" by analyzes direct selling. It is shown that revenue was expected to increase by 10 percent in 2011. "Household Goods" were the top selling product category in 2010, closely followed by "Financial Products".

B2C E-Commerce continues its success in South Africa

Finally, a closer look is taken at the B2C E-Commerce market. In December 2011, South Africa was the fifth largest nation in Africa in terms of Internet users, with Nigeria being at the top of the list. B2C E-Commerce is expected to become even more popular in 2012, as a result of increased smartphone use and Internet penetration. Between 2010 and 2011, revenue generated in this sector increased by nearly one third and the share of online shoppers compared to all Internet users also grew by a number of percentage points. Kalahari was the most popular online shop, ahead of Amazon and Bid-or-Buy. Groupon had the largest market share among all group buying websites in 2011, followed by Wicount.

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