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Time is money - Mobile time tracking on Android

Multiple Android Apps are available for download / The price and functionality varies. Before buying an app you should exactly know what requirements the product must fulfil

(PresseBox) (Stadtbergen, ) Here are a couple of questions you should answer to before purchasing a product:

- Do you need to track your time offline?

This limits the choice quite a bit. A lot of apps require an internet connection, so tracking time in the train or subway is often not possible.

- Do you need to leave comments for every timestamp?

Do most of your clients require a detailed report of spent time, if you bill them per hour? If this is the case, you need an app, that can email or print reports of your timestamps with the comment.

- Do you need to link the project to a certain client?

If you have multiple clients and tasks you work for during the day, you need an app, that links the projects to the clients and of course creates reports filtered by clients or projects. Furthermore it shoudl be possible to print monthy reports or choose a certain date range.

- You not only need clients and projects, but also sub projects, as your main project consists of multiple tasks?

This limits the choice of programs again. And certainly you need a report on the main project, including all sub projects for one client.

- The app should also calculate the revenue for the project. You need different prices for every project?

A good time tracking app offers prices or a flat rate for every project. So at the end of the month you can run a report on your total revenue.

- What now? You are working in a team? All of you track time on your Android and at the end of the month you all need to run a report on the project total?

Again, this limits the choice of apps as you'd need a system that collects the data from your different Android smartphones into one database. Synchronization is necessary.

These and many more functions are included in Xpert-Timer MOBILE. The product is made in Germany by a company named Xpert-Design Software. Their main product is Xpert-Timer PRO for Windows, which can receive and send data from and to Xpert-Timer MOBILE on Android phones, using the XTWebserver as the interface. Xpert-Timer PRO works with MS-SQL (Express), Access and MySQL databases.

Over 100 Five-Star-Ratings in the Android Marketplace proof the good quality of the product. Lately the software team solved the problem of synchronising over different time zones. Now your companys' server can be located in Europe, while you are synchronizing your project times from the U.S. and the rest of your project team is working from Asia. That was quite a challenge for the developers, but it's now possible with Xpert-Timer.

So in order to have a team of ten users set up with Xpert-Timer MOBILE, Xpert-Timer PRO, the XTWebserver, the synchronisation modules and the Android application, we are talking about a price of approximately USD 140.- per user. For a company that size a good price compared to the time that's needed to collect all that data by hand.

Xpert-Timer MOBILE is also a standalone app, so all you need to do is track your time, you can of course use the app by itself.

Visit Xpert-Designs' website to download a free trial version of the software.

Xpert-Timer Software

Xpert-Design Software is based in Stadtbergen, Germany. The company only develops Xpert-Timer and its' available modules. The company was found by Andreas Spang back in 1999 due to his need of a good time tracking software. First it was only used in sofware developing business, but now sells worldwide in all kinds of industry branches.