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Ernst & Sohn - neue Bücher in Englisch Winter 2017/2018

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Building Physics: Heat, Air and Moisture - Fundamentals and Engineering Methods with Examples and Exercises.
Building physics combines heat and mass transfer, building acoustics, lighting, and indoor air quality, and has a true impact on energy performance and serviceability. This volume focuses on heat, air, moisture transfer and its usage in engineering applications. With examples.

Design and Analysis of Connections in Steel Structures - Fundamentals and Examples
The book introduces all aspects needed for connection design and analysis in steel structures. This is not treated according to any specific standard but making comparison among the methodologies and standards, e.g. Eurocode, AISC, DIN, BS. With practice examples and details.

Design of Joints in Steel Structures - UK edition - Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures. Part 1-8 Design of Joints
This volume elucidates the design rules for connections in steel and composite structures which are set out in Eurocode 3 and 4 and the UK National Annexes. Numerous examples illustrate the application of the respective design rule.

Design of Steel Structures for Buildings in Seismic Areas - Eurocode 8: Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance. Part 1: General Rules, Seismic Action and Rules for Buildings
This volume elucidates the design criteria and principles for steel structures under seismic loads according to Eurocode 8-1. Worked Examples illustrate the application of the design rules. Two case studies serve as best-practice samples.

Technology and Practical Use of Strain Gages - With Particular Consideration of Stress Analysis Using Strain Gages
This work is an indispensable reference work for academia and research, and a detailed instruction guide for measurement installation and implementation of strain gages as well as for interpretation of the results. Application examples and comments help avoid typical mistakes.

The Solar Cooling Design Guide - Case Studies of Successful Solar Air Conditioning Design
This book presents results of research initiated by the International Energy Agency's Solar Heating and Cooling Program and conducted by leading experts. It provides cutting-edge information on the design of solar air conditioning plants.

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