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Facelight by W&H: New and innovative caries detection

(PresseBox) (Bürmoos, ) The new Facelight light probe by W&H enables direct visual detection of caries in opened cavities. While conventional methods only offer indirect information on the extent of caries in infected dentine, Facelight gives dentists the ability to assess the treatment site at a glance.

The FACE method

Facelight enables selective treatment during caries excavation based on the innovative FACE method. FACE stands for Fluorescence Aided Caries Excavation. The underlying principle: Bacteria in dentine infected with caries leave metabolic by-products (porphyrins). They are not visible to the naked eye. When violet light is applied to the opened cavity, however, porphyrins fluoresce red, while healthy tooth substance fluoresces green. Diagnostic goggles with special filters enhance this effect.

Facelight offers dentists three significant advantages in their daily work:

1. More reliable caries detection

An examination with Facelight minimizes the risk of caries recurrence. In addition, Facelight provides more comprehensive information for treatment decisions in Caries Profunda.

2. High efficiency in caries detection

The dentist using Facelight can judge the success of caries excavation at a glance. At any stage of the process.

3. Support of minimally invasive work

Facelight assists the dentist with selective, minimally invasive excavating and substantially contributes to maintaining the patient's healthy tooth substance.

The slender design of the Facelight light probe also offers optimum access to the treatment site. Flexible, non-contact and therefore painless application is guaranteed.

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