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Clean inside - clean outside

(PresseBox) (Bürmoos, ) In the new Assistina, W&H is launching, onto the dental market, a fully automatic cleaning and maintenance unit for dental handpieces. With the new unit, W&H is setting new standards in hygiene and maintenance and is offering a unit that is optimal for internal and external cleaning* and for the lubrication of turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces**.

Now dental practices can concentrate on what is really important: your patients. The fully automatic Assistina 3x3 takes over the time-consuming process of preparing turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces for sterilization.

Automatic internal cleaning

During internal cleaning, the spray channels and gearing components of the instruments are cleaned with the special cleaning solution W&H Activefluid. Spray channels and gearing components are blow-dried to remove residues of cleaner. The thorough cleaning ensures that instruments operate correctly throughout their service lives.

Automatic external cleaning

W&H Activefluid cleaning solution is sprayed directly onto all instruments one by one. After allowing the cleaning solution to work for a short time, the instruments are blow-dried before the precise and automatic lubrication of the gearing components. Removing organic deposits ensures the safety of patients and staff and in combination with the subsequent sterilization guarantees perfect preparation.

Perfect instrument lubrication

The precise lubrication of all gearing components with W&H Service Oil F1 extends the service life of precision dental instruments. Service costs are also reduced. The automatic oil feed supplies exactly as much oil as is required for optimal lubrication of the instrument. W&H Service Oil F1 is a product of W&H research and guarantees optimal maintenance for all W&H instruments.

Instruments maintained in record time

One to three instruments can be cleaned and maintained per cycle. The short cleaning process - corresponding to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and Swissmedic - of approximately six minutes reduces the total conventional preparation time of instruments.

With subsequent sterilization in the Lisa autoclave, the instruments are ready for use again in just 20 minutes: cleaned, maintained and sterilized.

Hygiene and care at the press of a button

The operation of the Assistina is intuitive; preparation starts at the press of a button. Training is not necessary.

For more information on the new Assistina 3x3 and the fast cycle: Now available from your dental dealer or at

*The device is also available without external cleaning.
Assistina 3x3: 3 instruments x 3 preparation steps (internal cleaning, external cleaning, lubrication)
Assistina 3x2: 3 instruments x 2 preparation steps (internal cleaning, lubrication)

**Straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines, air motors and air-driven scalers

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