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Weidmüller's ink-jet printer 'PrintJet PRO': simple, efficient and environmentally friendly marking/Water-based, environmentally friendly ink for both black-and-white and colour prints

Fast and precise recognition of coloured warning and hazard notices/Designed-in continuous-use capability facilitates multiple shift operations

(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Markers are not an end to themselves; they are a fundamental precondition for servicing and maintenance tasks as well as successful troubleshooting. When damage occurs product liability considerations dictate that it is necessary to quickly trace and establish the possible root of the problem. Moreover, it is mandatory that electrical equipment and systems are clearly and unambiguously labelled. With its 'PrintJet PRO' Weidmüller offers a completely new style of inkjet printer for printing plastic markers in 'MultiCard' format - simply, efficiently and environmentally friendly. In contrast to UV-LED printers the 'PrintJet PRO' utilizes waterbased and environmentally friendly ink for colour printing processes. Empty printer cartridges do not have to be disposed of via special waste - which is more than can be said for UV-LED printers. Print type and print quality are crystal clear as well as resistant to environmental influences. Markers printed in colour ensure precise recognition of warning notices, indicate voltage levels or unambiguously warn maintenance personnel of hazards. That avoids accidents, simplifies processes and saves costs. 'PrintJet PRO' prints neutral plastic markers based on the uniform 'MultiCard' format. The MultiCard marker assortment includes more than 150 variants for marking terminals, cables, conductors and equipment. 'PrintJet PRO' is supplied together with the userfriendly software 'M-Print® PRO'. The software incorporates the printer and integrated loader into production processes. The software and printer are intuitive to operate. The Software 'M-Print® PRO' links the 'PrintJet PRO' directly to CAE/CADsystems. Seamless work procedures are the foundation for reliable processes and reduce costs. A distinguishing feature of this printer is the designedin quality that ensures continuous use capability. The integrated loader ensures that multiple shift operations are a reliable standard functionality. 'PrintJet PRO' inkjet printing technology impresses with crystal clear print quality, excellent wipe and scratch resistance as well as unique colour print results.

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