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Weidmüller safety relay "SCS 24VDC P1SIL3DS I" approved for use with DeltaVTM DCS -safety systems from EMERSON

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  • Weidmüller continues to build upon its successful partnership with EMERSON. 
  • Four Weidmüller safety relays are a permanent fixture of the DeltaVTM Alliance product range. 
  • TÜV-NORD Group certification in accordance with EN 61508 for safety requirement level SIL3.
  • Weidmüller safety relays suitable for use worldwide.
Emerson, one of the world's leading providers in the area of process automation, has included four safety relays from Weidmüller in its DeltaVTM Alliance product range. The range now features the following four relays: "SCS 24VDC P1SIL3DS M", "SCS 24VDC P1SIL3DS", "SCS 24VDC P2SIL3DSES" and "SCS 24VDC P1SIL3DS I". The DeltaVTM Alliance product range is made up exclusively of products by market leaders. With the product certification programme, Emerson is able to support its customers in the implementation of the various products, which in turn helps to ensure the stability of the implemented solutions while also reducing both the functional risk and the costs that are incurred during the implementation period.

Weidmüller has developed its safety relays for use with the DeltaVTM control systems from Emerson. Extensive integration testing has shown that the safety relays work accurately together with the DeltaVTM control systems. The Weidmüller safety relays have also undergone and successfully passed the relevant testing and approval processes performed by Emerson. The corresponding proof of compatibility is available. For globally active customers, this provides increased reliability while simultaneously helping to reduce costs.

The safety relays from Weidmüller were certified by TÜV-NORD Group as "Approved Safety Function". This means that they meet the requirements of EN 61508 up to SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 3 as well as the international requirements. The safety relays are also UL-listed.

The following safety relays are approved without restriction by Emerson:
  • "SCS 24VDC P1SIL3DS M", order no. 1303760000 – with monitor circuit
  • "SCS 24VDC P1SIL3DS", order no. 1303890000 – without monitor circuit
    Both safety relays are used in areas that require functionally safe deactivation, i.e. in back-up systems or as overfill protection in tank systems.
  • "SCS 24VDC P2SIL3DSES", order no.1319270000 – this relay offers the following functions: "energize to safe" safe activation and "de-energize to safe" safe deactivation.
  • "SCS 24VDC P1SIL3DS I", order no. 2500980000 – this relay is tailored for use with Emerson DeltaVTM DCS systems.
The safety relays are used for the safe deactivation of systems in the processing industry (DTS = de-energised to safe), i.e. functional safety. The goal of functional safety procedures is to reduce risks for people and the environment to a tolerable level. The safety relays from Weidmüller boast tried-and-tested technology and sophisticated features.

Weidmüller supports operators of processing systems in the processing industry with certified components for low and high requirement levels up to safety integrity level 3 in accordance with EN 61508.

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