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W2E Wind to Energy GmbH on successful way in North America

In the United States W2E holds the 100% subsidiary W2E Wind to Energy Inc. Frank Weber manages this office. He coordinates all activities in North America.

(PresseBox) (Ostseebad Rerik, ) In the USA and in Canada, W2E`s business model and successful market entry are lectured as Case Study at several universities, among others at the famous Ivey Business School (University of Western Ontario), at the Ross School of Business (University of Michigan) and at the Stanford University. W2E initiated the study. Ken Mark and Jordan Mitchell prepared the study supported by Frank Weber, W2E and supervised by Professor Kenneth G. Hardy of the University of Western Ontario. Frank Weber attends courses by invitation to teach W2E's successful business model. The January 2005 Case Study is published by the "Harvard Business School Publishing" and available at: <>

By request of W2E, a Study of Licensing Practices on Wind Turbine Technologies was prepared by David Pan, MBA, M. Eng., former Management and Wind Energy Consultant, Canada and now with Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd. This study considers the market conditions, the prospects and strategies of the licencing business. It supports W2E in its strategic decisions.

W2E Wind To Energy GmbH

W2E Wind to Energy GmbH (W2E) develops multi-megawatt class wind power plants. That is, W2E’s specialty is in conceptually designing and developing entire wind turbine systems. W2E select suitable rotor blades, optimize control strategies and specify the design of an appropriate pitch system, drive train, energy conversion system, tower and foundation. Additionally, W2E service includes fully certifying, operating and comprehensively testing the prototype of each new development.

The result of the highly specialized design is offered to international customers as licenses. W2E deliver this product as a comprehensive set of documents which enable the licencee to manufacture, install, commission and maintain the wind power plant. Documentation comprises all calculations, proofs, certificates, part lists, specifications, descriptions and drawings, including training documents. All of our documentation complies with an established quality-assurance system.

W2E Wind to Energy GmbH was founded in May in 2003. The number of employees increased from 7 to 30. A subsidiary was established in canada. W2E has customer relationsships to german, chinese, indian, korean and american companies. The product portfolio offers turbine plattforms for 1.3 MW, 2.0 MW, 2.5 MW and 3.0 MW.