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Automated Weld Seam Inspection

New generation sensors from VITRONIC VIROwsi now enable safe weld seam inspection for aluminum.

(PresseBox) (Wiesbaden, ) VITRONIC presents the third generation of sensors in the VIROwsi camera-based weld seam inspection system. Weld seams on aluminum components can now also be inspected safely thanks to greater dynamics and depth of focus and improved evaluation software.

Extreme reflectivity and darker residue traces which reflect less light back to the camera: automated weld seam inspection for aluminum presents a much greater challenge to automated inspection systems than for steel. The third generation of sensors in the VIROwsi weld seam inspection system from VITRONIC offers significantly higher dynamics, allowing weld seams in aluminum with very dark areas to be inspected just as safely as in steel.

Optimum data quality thanks to combined 2D/3D acquisition: The combination of 2D and 3D acquisition of the weld seams in the VITRONIC VIROwsi is also new. Therefore, it is even possible to detect whether or not welding has taken place at all, such as in laser welding. This enables further evaluation options in the 2D range if geometric information is missing.
The depth of focus has also been optimized thanks to improved camera technology. The benefit: the entire depth view area of the sensor can be used for inspecting, depending on the part and the accessibility. A predefined distance no longer has to be strictly maintained.
Optimized software has also allowed the resolution to be increased significantly: inspection can now be done at full resolution and the highest inspection quality even at high cycle times.
More flexible assembly, easier commissioning: The third generation of the VITRONIC VIROwsi weld seam inspection system has a standardized interface and a gigabit ethernet cable suitable for use with robots. The sensor can be mounted alternatively from both sides. This offers benefits in the copy of system cells, which in turn prevents once again simulation and makes both construction and commissioning easier. The optimized design with a slimmer construction also allows easier access to the part and the weld seam.

Profile - VITRONIC VIROwsi weld seam inspection system: VIROwsi determines the size and position of all relevant defects in weld seams, such as pores, holes and undercuts, in real time. All geometric features of the seam, such as the length, width, height etc., can also be recorded. All results are fed into a log and are saved for tracking. The seam quality is thus documented completely. The data recorded forms the basis for manual and automatic re-working of the seam and for targeted process optimization.

VITRONIC at Automatica 2012, May 22-25, 2012: Hall 2, Booth 203

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