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  • ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH
  • Amperstraße 13
  • 84513 Töging a. Inn
  • Ansprechpartner
  • Elisabeth Lenz
  • +49 (8631) 9274-447

Made in Germany

Quality by ViscoTec

(PresseBox) (Töging a. Inn, ) After the First World War products which were made in Germany weren’t so popular. People thought they were low quality and generic versions. But this opinion wasn’t right. The quality of these products was mostly better than others. They were high quality, reliable, stable and on a very high technical level. Many other countries did not reach this quality.
In the course of time this quality mark fell in oblivion. Today it is more necessary than ever to highlight German quality goods. If you have a look at the evolution of many firms who are moving production to other countries, people must be grateful to work in a firm who takes care of the employees and the origin of the products. ViscoTec sets extremely great importance to the origin of its products and therefore also on the quality of each component. The example of the preeflow® eco-PEN ensures that more than 98% of all used products come from Germany. Our own production as well as the supply-chain management is focused on products which are made in Germany. Therefore we can ensure our quality in the high-end sector. This can be seen in the quality of our dosing results.

preeflow® stands for “micro dispensing in perfection!”

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