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Fluid Dispensing Accuracy

(PresseBox) (Töging a. Inn, ) Beside the shorter and shorter cycle times and the increasing requirement for reliable dosing systems, the dosing accuracy takes a decisive role. Almost all fluids for example Adhesives are constantly challenging and becoming more complex. Simple time-pressure systems are relatively less expensive to purchase, but often fail when high quality standards are placed on the dosage. Uncalculated additional expenses due to increased scrap rates or user complaints can be avoided by selecting the right dosing system.

The endless-piston principle is a positive displacement and a purely volumetric pump technology. The geometry of the rotor and stator ensures a constant volume flow which is proportional to the speed. Through the resulting pumping chambers, it is possible to convey suspended solids very gently. This pump technology is completely self-sealing and works without any additional valves. The dosing does not depend on variations in viscosity, due to time-pressure or temperature differences.

ViscoTec has worked for more than 2 decades with the volumetric dispensing technique, from development and design to production of all relevant components. ViscoTec produces everything which is necessary for a perfect dosing solution.

Dispensers are pre-tested individually at our manufacturing plant prior to delivering it to the customer. This high quality standard is reflected in the dosing results. Comparable technologies from other manufacturers are limited and do not come close to the dosing accuracy of ViscoTec products.

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