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MELZER: Successful with Customised Machines "Made in Germany"

The family-owned company MELZER maschinenbau in Schwelm/ Germany successfully develops customised machines to produce ID-documents, smart-tickets, smart-labels and RFID technology

(PresseBox) (Lueneburg, ) Know today what will be important tomorrow!MELZER maschinenbau in Schwelm, Germany successfully develops customised machines to produce ID-documents, smart-tickets, smart-labels and RFID technology

Dirk Melzer, Technical Director Sales, MELZER maschinenbau GmbH in an interview with „RFID im Blick“

MELZER furnishes customers with individual production solutions for almost 60 years. The company’s worldwide success is based on innovative manufacturing techniques and the MELZER modular system with inline production and synchronised processes. Maximum precision, utmost flexibility, and built-in real-time quality checks during the production process, ensure the company’s leading role in the field of ID documents and RFID technology.

From control cabinet to finished machine

As a third generation family business, MELZER teams up with customers to develop customized production solutions. Every machine for the production of ID documents, smart tickets, smart labels and RFID technology is customised and exclusively “Made in Germany”. Approximately 80 specialists at the Schwelm/Germany site produce everything in-house - from control cabinets to the production-ready machine. With almost 60 years of experience, MELZER has become almost a “development centre” for their clients. “Customers approach us with their own ideas or questions, and we develop corresponding high quality solutions,” says Dirk Melzer. The company’s credo: “We are materializing the visions of our partners.”

Increased output and quality

MELZER RFID converting lines have two outperforming advantages: intermittent and inline production technology. In order to increase the output, the RFID converting lines can also produce in multi-lanes of up to six parallel tracks, with industry leading precision. “Our machines produce large quantities at high speed in a quality that is tested multiple times,“ explains Dirk Melzer, in regard to the functioning of the machines. A patented system, for example, guarantees the detection and automatic removal of defective transponders inline and at full machine speed. „This system ensures that only functional products leave the machine,“ says Dirk Melzer.

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