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VCmaster collects and manages the most varied data through universal interfaces in uniform documents

The technical documentation of engineers and technicians contains a great deal of information from the most varied sources. In every construction process a huge quantity of valuable data, such as descriptions, formulae, handwritten supporting documents as

(PresseBox) (Fellbach (Stuttgart), ) Collection of data aross the product range: VCmaster compiles the outputs from all programs in uniform and continuous documentation and thereby enables focused access to all data. Texts, graphics, sketches, tables as well as external specialist software and specialist information can be seamlessly integrated via universal interfaces such as OLE and VCt2W and centralized in a single document - e.g. a PDF file. The product-spanning compression of the complex data and results in a uniform document allows the effi cient organisation of all construction processes. The general legibility, availability and topicality of the documentation and the integrated components prevents mistakes and makes time and cost savings possible. The creation, transfer and archiving of all accompanying documentation such as construction and function descriptions, maintenance instructions, synopsis, reports and other technical documents is made considerably simpler.

Innovative interface: The VCt2W interface integrated in VCmaster allows for the bundling of the most varied data in a single document and with a uniform appearance. The innovative inclusion of VCt2W facilitates the supplement of comments and explanations. The result is a continuous document with uniform formatting such as page numbering as well as headers and footnotes, table of contents and PDF Export. As a result of the digital transfer, the documentation that is created guarantees optimal cooperation between all those involved in the project. You will get more information under

The mode of operation of VCt2W is simple. With a few mouse clicks a printout is adopted:

1) Click on the printout in the calculation program
2) Select the VCt2W interface
3) Select the pages/determine the extract
4) Adopt the printout in VCmaster

Veit Christoph GmbH

Many years of know-how gained from practical experience and international project expertise for effi cient software solutions.

Veit Christoph GmbH emerged in 1996 as an independent software developer from the already existing engineering company. The company is a competent supplier of solutions for engineers and technicians in the field of digital technical documentation. With a global portfolio of customers amounting to more than 3,500 firms and engineering companies, Veit Christoph GmbH has become a successful company in the sector of engineer support software. As a result of many years project expertise in the engineering and software development sectors, efficient software solutions have been created which quickly and conveniently automate multifaceted and individual tasks performed in practice by engineers and technicians. The structural statics editor VCbautext which is already well established in the market is deemed to be the standard solution for the creation of digital technical documentation and calculations for structural analysis. The development of VCmaster has seen the successful technology incorporated in VCbautext adapted.