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Through individual documentation VCbautext safeguards the know-how of engineers for the future

VCbautext saves and communicates the specialist knowledge of engineers

(PresseBox) (Fellbach (Stuttgart), ) In all process phases of the construction and development activities, valuable specialist knowledge is collected. These important resources lie idle if they do not remain generally and lastingly available. When required, all relevant information which is needed must be available to the project participants. This is not ensured if documents and calculations are created in paper form and then stored away in filing cabinets. As a consequence, time-consuming development activities must usually be completed several times. Intelligent approaches to a problem are lost and the result of the construction calculations remain an expensive unique copy.

All documents and calculations generated with VCbautext can in the future also be searched for, called up and reused. The software supports the design and the management of digital technical documentation with calculation templates. All text modules and completed calculations can at the same time be saved as a template and, thanks to special template options, be managed individually. Intelligent search functions guarantee for recurring calculations, supporting documents and explanations the automation as well as rapid location of solutions for tasks which have already been contemplated and realised. The continuous transfer and multiple use of important know-how is thereby ensured. The export of the documentation in PDF format supports the archiving and optimizes document management in the company.

VCbautext uses standardized formats and approaches. These are the basis of a functioning knowledge management. The software contributes to enable all calculations and documentation to be correctly implemented across all projects. In doing so VCbautext saves the valuable know-how and intellectual property of the engineers and technicians. VCbautext is the first and only software that comprehensively and seamlessly combines construction calculations and documentation.

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Veit Christoph GmbH

Many years of know-how gained from practical experience and international project expertise for effi cient software solutions.

Veit Christoph GmbH emerged in 1996 as an independent software developer from the already existing engineering company. The company is a competent supplier of solutions for engineers and technicians in the field of digital technical documentation. With a global portfolio of customers amounting to more than 3,500 firms and engineering companies, Veit Christoph GmbH has become a successful company in the sector of engineer support software. As a result of many years project expertise in the engineering and software development sectors, efficient software solutions have been created which quickly and conveniently automate multifaceted and individual tasks performed in practice by engineers and technicians. The structural statics editor VCbautext which is already well established in the market is deemed to be the standard solution for the creation of digital technical documentation and calculations for structural analysis. The development of VCmaster has seen the successful technology incorporated in VCbautext adapted.