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The first Top-Class Conference on Automotive Embedded Multi-Core Systems is coming up in September 2014

The first conference on Embedded Multi-Core Systems for the Automotive Industry is taking place in Stuttgart from 16th - 18th of September 2014

(PresseBox) (Regensburg, ) About the “Embedded Automotive Multi-Core Systems 2014”
The “Embedded Automotive Multi-Core Systems” is the first top-class conference with leading specialists of the Automotive Industry, engaged in discussing the challenges of multi-core as well as providing solutions for the problems arising with this new basic technology for embedded systems. The conference is initiated by Timing-Architects, the leading supplier of development tools for automotive multi-core systems.

“It is the right time to address the needs of the Industry and provide a special conference on multi-core systems. The conference will discuss the challenges of the technology in order to create awareness for the topic and also show, that there are ways to meet these challenges.”, as Dr. Michael Deubzer, CTO of Timing-Architects and Chairman of the Conference, emphasizes.

Conference Date is the 16th - 18th of September 2014

The conference will take place in Stuttgart, Germany from the 16th to the 18th of September 2014. International multi-core experts will gather to develop strategies of how to exploit best the cost, time and resource benefits through multi-core technology in embedded systems. Attendees will have the chance to meet and discuss with OEM and Tier1 specialists with deep knowledge and understanding for the new technology and get to know their use cases. The conference is sponsored by Elektrobit, iSYSTEM and Timing-Architects and is looking forward to welcome speakers from Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental and other leading companies and solution providers in the automotive domain.

Background Information: Technological Change towards Multi-Core

Automotive Systems are increasingly developed on the basis of modern multi-core microcontrollers. In the near future multi-core will be the basic technology for embedded systems as multi-core processors are superior to single-core processors in processing power as well as energy efficiency. The rising demand of high performance ECUs and reliable systems is pushing the use of multi-core processors in the Automotive Industry in order to meet consumer wishes like sophisticated comfort features, increasing safety requirements and zero emission.
The usage of single-core technology is no longer adequate to meet the requirements of next generation control units, not just because of limitations in calculation power but also due to physical restriction. This makes changes towards a new processing technology with multi-core inevitable.

Conference addresses the Challenges caused by Multi-Core

Nevertheless, the downside of the new technology causes a higher complexity of the software and therefore increases the development costs for time and resources. Surveys have shown that with the use of multi-core, software projects are 4.5 times more expensive and require 3 times as many software engineers. (VDC Research, September 2010).
Furthermore, challenges regarding timing behavior, data dependencies, performance and the reliability of the software are prerequisites that have to be considered early in the development process. To meet these challenges the “Automotive Embedded Multi-Core Systems” will address the following questions:
  • How to successfully migrate legacy systems from single-core to multi-core processors?
  • How to integrate the new technology in the development process?
  • How to manage the complexity due to parallel processing?
  • How to exploit the full potential of a multi-core system?
Take the chance and participate now, to discuss challenges and solutions with leading experts in the field of automotive multi-core systems!

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