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QR and other codes applied by Tampon printing / combined with laser ink ablation

Everybody is talking packaging - we are talking product! / First customer orders, references and increased enquiries!

(PresseBox) (Korntal-Münchingen, ) Traceability to protect consumers? Or company and brand protection from product piracy? The solution would be direct labelling right up to the product in its packaging. Thus the necessary information is always available.

Tampon printing is established world wide and unmatched in its flexibility. It allows the application of the smallest printed images or QR Codes directly onto the product. Fine labelling was first applied in the 80s by direct printing onto heart capsule medicaments. I.e. even irregular and curved surfaces do not present a problem (see picture). The further development of tampon printing inks suitable for foodstuffs allows today, even more so than 30 years ago, the direct printing on the products of human and veterinary medicine.

The current hot phase of traceability is concerned mainly with packaging, irrespective of the fact that labelled large packaging is repackaged into smaller packaging units, the doctor or patient withdraws sealed tablet portions or single tablets.

And now? The right medicament, the right active ingredient in the right dose? You know the story - the name, date of manufacture, expiry date are nowhere to be seen. Not on the individual packaging and certainly not on the medicament itself. With luck, the manufacturer's or product name. Often, the patient or doctor also transfers the daily or weekly dose into tablet boxes. Any confusion could be life-threatening.

Having even the smallest parts of the medical technology industry permanently labelled with laser labelling, the brand permanently engraved, would, when complemented with a printed 2D-Data Matrix Code, guarantee traceability. For medical technology instruments are made of steel and other alloys. These should not be contaminated and be verifiably made of "pure" materials (for example not radiated). A scanner, however, needs a certain amount of contrast, and laser etching alone cannot provide this. TAMPOPRINT® solves a number of labelling problems, up to now insoluble, with its high performance machines. We offer a single-sourced combination of laser labelling and tampon printing.

Our machines run for decades and as always we refurbish every machine already on the market. We also deliver, as always, all spare parts for models that have been on the market since 1971. In many sectors, the TAMPOPRINT® AG is already an established partner of the medical technology industry, with the best references.

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