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SVOX and FALK Elevate Mobile Navigation

SVOX Text-to-Speech Solution Powers Award Winning Mobile Devices; Mobile Speech enhances FALK’s ultimate navigation experience

(PresseBox) (Ostfildern/Zurich, ) SVOX and FALK today announce the high quality text-to-speech powered navigation solution that dramatically improves the usability of mobile devices in motion. Through the integration of SVOX Mobile technology into its solutions, FALK is able to serve the market with an improved product that offers eased HMI interaction.

With the Falk N240L Europe, FALK is marketing a new PND (Personal Navigation Device) which is not only intended to guarantee a maximum degree of driving safety, but also impresses thanks to its many delightful technical features. The navigation device with an extra-large 4.3 inch screen offers a comprehensive option to control settings using spoken instructions: the N240L Europe not only allows you to enter destinations using your voice, but you can also control many menu items with spoken instructions. The device is intended to recognise speech with exceptional reliability. In addition, as well as avoiding traffic jams, the N240L Europe offers a lane assistant, a new rapid access menu and significantly expanded Bluetooth functions, for example the display of SMS messages from a mobile phone. Also new are the top speed warning functionality, high quality text-to-speech and automatic switchover between the day/night screens. The Falk N240L Europe is available in the shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

With its new products FALK trusts the voice control technology of market leader SVOX. SVOX Mobile produces highly intelligible and smooth speech output to enhance user interaction with mobile devices. The mobile industry is in need of a TTS solution capable of handling the complex requirements involved in providing high-quality speech output combined with the smallest possible footprint for embedded mobile applications. SVOX has established itself as the European leader in TTS quality with its multi-lingual SVOX Mobile TTS solution and now is expanding strongly in the Americas. Building on its unmatched experience in speech dialog design, based on its unique TTS architecture, SVOX and FALK have created an entirely new mobile navigation package that recently won the Connect “Testsieger” award.

“SVOX is the innovation leader in the embedded speech industry and has impacted the lives of people relying on navigation devices,” said Holger Haussmann, COO of FALK. “Our previous embedded TTS provider was not bad at all, but SVOX technology brings the quality of speech output to an entirely new level. We believe that our technology brings the quality of speech output to an entirely new level and are convinced that our cooperation with SVOX will have a real impact for the Christmas sales.”


SVOX AG is the leading provider of embedded speech output solutions for the automotive and mobile device industries. The SVOX Text-to-Speech system, the company's signature product, is part of a full product suite of small, fast and multilingual applications that enable computers and other electronic devices to convert written text into natural-sounding and easily comprehensible speech. SVOX focus on embedded speech allows for specifically optimized solutions, and its software architecture provides customers with a speech engine that can be easily tailored to their technical requirements and market needs.