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New SorTech AG Website Goes Live!

Modern, informative and customer-focused

(PresseBox) (Halle (Saale) , ) Successfully launched: The new SorTech AG website! The adsorption chiller pioneer presents itself with new design and lots of new content at its familiar address After a comprehensive overhaul in design and content, the new appearance now offers extensive and competent information about adsorption refrigeration technology focused on two main target groups, namely trade and industry. In addition, specific information was added to assist service partners, like planers and engineering firms. The implementation of the project was lead by SorTech AG’s Marketing & PR department in cooperation with Bemberg GmbH of Wuppertal, Germany.

“The new site supplies our virtual visitors with comprehensive information offering and showcases SorTech’s entire service and product portfolio,” explains Norbert Philipp, CEO of SorTech AG. “Products, services and information are now displayed in a clear and user-friendly manner.” The new website is keenly centered on its target groups by directly addressing its visitors’ needs, while offering its users clear and focused guidance. No matter how sector specific, be it businesses in trade or industry, HVAC specialists or job applicants, every user will quickly arrive at the exact desired information.
The barrier-free technical implementation of the website is based on Open Source Content Management System TYPO3. The free, no-license system permits simple and fast maintenance. With its wide range of functions it also offers numerous options for future expansions. “We have reached our intended goals: a homepage with optimized design and an improved navigation structure,” stresses Norbert Philipp.

SorTech AG Website with New Design

“Appealing visuals and brief information are to capture the attention of the SorTech prospect immediately. Only if the first impression matches, the user will remain on the website,” explains Susann Wenderoth, Head of Marketing at SorTech. Three info boxes on the homepage lead the visitor directly the relevant information pages: be it customers of the trade or industry sectors, or the segment of HVAC service partners. Their pertinent potential advantages are presented to them on first sight. In addition, representatives of trade and industry have the opportunity to use Quick Check, a proprietary online tool designed to quickly analyze if deployment of SorTech AG’s technology would make sense for them. Furthermore the structure and the content of the site were completely rebuilt. An easy to navigate flip-menu provides visitors with a quick overview of the various menu options and allows for prompt orientation.

Informative, Appealing Content

In order to optimize its content along with the website’s new design, a complete new page structure was developed, one that orients itself by the interest and behavior of the respective customer. “Depending on the target group, the various text sections have been tailored to show the advantages and solutions for the specific customers. The topic of adsorption refrigeration technology is rather complex, which is why it was our goal to raise the potential customer’s awareness in regards to the particular subject matter and then present customer-specific advantages. For example, we explain to our trade customers that by installing our chiller aggregates, existing AC systems can be widely replaced and electricity costs significantly reduced. To our industrial customers we guarantee immense reductions of CO2-emmissions and a contribution to the energy transition,” explains Susann Wenderoth.
Photos, charts and graphs compliment written content. In addition, links within the text sections and ‘quick links’ on the right side of the pages advise the visitor of bonus pages that might be of interest.

Portfolio in a New Look

„Updating our portfolio was, of course, an especially extensive project,” says Susann Wenderoth. “The references on the new website have been entirely revised – the portfolio now displays logo templates. If the visitor clicks on the name of the company, he or she will receive relevant data in form of a chart and a brief, informative text. Structured by power source and target group the installed adsorption chiller aggregates are presented in an easy to grasp summary.”

Website Promotion