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Decision in favour of ‘green’ A/C technology in seconds

Novel ‘SorTech Quick-Check’ as decision aid for application of sophisticated cooling equipment

(PresseBox) (Halle (Saale), ) SorTech AG, technology leader in energy-saving and eco-friendly adsorption chillers provides to its partners a cost-free software to permit prompt decision regarding economic viability of adsorption-based air-conditioning solutions. The SorTech Quick-Check Software Tool is unique in the sector and displays a recommendation within seconds whether spending on adsorption equipment will make economic sense for a given application.

The issue ‘Cold from Heat‘ is admittedly not new but application of power and CO2-saving adsorption chillers to generate cold from low-temperature heat definitely is. This is why anyone who has not yet implemented various projects with different heat sources, such combined heat-and-power stations (CHPs), industrial process heat, district heating or solar-thermal systems, may find it difficult to assess at first glance whether adsorption cooling will pay off.

Since early April, SorTech has been offering its partners, i.e. design/engineering consultants, installers as well as heating, cooling and air-conditioning contractors, an additional service – a digital decision aid. The SorTech Quick-Check Software is available for free in the download section of our homepage and can be installed within minutes on any Windows PC. The software is immediately ready for use – at the offices of a specialist contractor or on field staff laptops on site during a customer sales meeting.

Economic viability colour coding
A clearly structured and self-explaining input mask is provided where it takes but a few clicks to check economic efficiency and viability of a planned project before any costly concept or tender bid is prepared. The SorTech Quick-Check Tool puts to use our experiences from worldwide implemented and economically reviewed projects to help prompt assessment of capital expenditure decisions. All it takes to input is some basic information, such as cold demand, heat source and annual cooling period.
Our intelligent software provides a recommendation through its colour coding system whether detailed assessment and engineering are reasonable or not in a given case. Thus, our new tool will be a real tome-saver for contractors and planners and in addition provide safety in dimensioning energy-efficient cooling solutions.

Sortech AG

SorTech AG has been a developer and manufacturer for more than ten years of energy efficient and very high-output chillers for low and medium cooling requirements. Cold is not generated with electric power but low-temperature excess heat and thus curbs both operating costs and worldwide CO2 emissions.
Adsorption chillers – in combination with solar-thermal systems, local and district heating station, CHPs and industrial waste heat – are ideally suited for cooling, technical processes as well as single- and multi-family dwellings. More than 400 SorTech systems are already operational worldwide.