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Software AG Releases new Tamino XML Server: Native SOA interfaces, Flexible Document Security and Rapid Data Access

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- Standards-based interfaces for seamless integration into an SOA
- Document-based access control delivers more flexible document security
- Shorter response times due to optimizations in document processing
- XQuery now supports entire document life-cycle

Software AG announced the availability of a new version of Tamino XML Server. Version 8.0 focuses on standards-based native interfaces to an SOA, quicker data access, new access- and data-security concepts, and support of the Subversion protocol for versioning of XML and non-XML documents.

Version 8.0 of Tamino XML Server-the industry's first native XML server-supports archiving and processing of messages and documents and their use in an SOA. Data-centric applications also benefit from optimizations in query processing, expanded backup technology and more flexible security concepts.

WebMethods Tamino XML Server 8.0 offers the ideal platform for efficient management of both structured and unstructured data. Documents can be natively stored, exported, and changed as needed for archiving or other processing in Tamino. Services can be generated automatically with easy-to-use tools, so Tamino can be integrated seamlessly into an SOA as a datamanagement component.

The technology behind the generated services is the XQuery language. Now specific add-ons in Tamino 8.0 and the help of XQuery alone can cover the entire life cycle of a document-from its creation to its deletion from the database. Operations to create, overwrite, read, and delete documents are generated automatically. Higher-order, application-implemented XQuery functions can be provided fully automatically as services.

The new access-protection functions that can individually define access rights for each document take into account an SOA's needs.

New indexing technologies reduce query response times. Resource consumption also declines, increasing performance for application operations.

Tamino 8.0 is consistently developing document versioning and now offers the sophisticated subversion protocol in the kernel along with WebDAV. Hundreds of Tamino-based solutions in such fields as content management and data transformation automatically partake in the innovations found in version 8.0. Even CentraSite, Software AG's market-leading SOA registry/repository, uses Tamino XML Server to manage metadata.

Tamino 8.0 offers the following innovations:

Seamless Integration into an SOA makes it possible to use Tamino as a data-management component in a service-oriented architecture:

- The new tools enable application engineers to automatically generate services that can access application-specific functions or insert, read, update, and delete documents.
Error-prone programming of services is no longer needed.
- XQuery now supports the entire life-cycle of documents. Application developers now need only a single interface.
- XQuery modules now also provide change operations in addition to read operations.
Because considerable parts of applications can be centrally implemented and managed within the database, maintenance and migration into new runtime environments becomes much easier.
- Access control can be configured for individual documents. When new documents are stored, corresponding access rights can be defined immediately. The document's creator has full control over the document instead of leaving the control to a system administrator.

Database enhancements provide the system improved performance and increased flexibility in usage for all application areas:

- New indexing technologies allow faster execution of queries with less resource consumption.
- Incremental backup technology gives system administrators more flexibility when creating backup copies.
- Reports can be compiled based on the well-established Eclipse BIRT reporting technology.


Since version 4, Tamino Server's kernel has directly supported the WebDAV protocol, which enables Tamino to act as an Internet file system with integrated file versioning capabilities. Now, Tamino version 8.0 extends its offering in this area to directly support the Subversion protocol, a frequently used extension to the WebDAV protocol. The traditional advantages of a database are combined with file and document versioning.


Tamino XML Server version 8.0 is currently shipping in three editions: Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Developer Edition.

Operating system platforms currently supported by all editions include: Windows 2003 Server Standard/Enterprise Editions, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Solaris 9 & 10, HP-UX 11i (PA Risc and Itanium), IBM AIX 5.3 and 6.1, Linux for Intel (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 & Red Hat Advanced Server 5).