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Viral vectors made in human expression system allow for safer and more efficient production of novel vaccines and gene therapy

SIRION Biotech licenses rights to CEVEC Pharmaceuticals’ immortalized suspension cells de-rived from primary human amniocytes for its range of viral vectors

(PresseBox) (Munich, Cologne, ) SIRION Biotech announced today it is now providing viral vectors for preclinical use to be expressed in CEVEC's CAP®-Technology. CAP® cell lines are designed for stable and transient protein production and achieve highest protein yields with authentic human glycosylation patterns. Adenovirus and AAV vectors expressed in CAP® cell lines not only allow for higher yields, they also meet most stringent safety requirements when it comes to material to be used for clinical trials.

CEVEC's CAP® cells, based on normal human amniocytes, have proven highly efficient in the production of a broad range of otherwise difficult to express glycoproteins. These molecules are produced at high titers with authentic post-translational modifications in serum-free suspension culture. Their ability to generate human glycosylation patterns also makes CAP® cells a valuable tool for vaccine production.

Viral AdenoONE™- and AAV vectors designed to specifically modify these promising cell lines are of increasing relevance for preclinical and later clinical research. Researchers in discovery are now able to start working in cell systems that are of value throughout the clinical and larger scale manufacturing processes.

CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH, operational since 2004 and located in Cologne, Germany, is a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in developing and producing therapeutic proteins, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies with human glycosylation patterns. CEVEC's novel proprietary and patent-protected human CAP® and CAP-T® expression systems are ideal for manufacturing complex biopharmaceutical molecules and various vaccines. CEVEC is licensing out its human cell-based expression platform as well as its own biobetter candidates through partnerships with renowned pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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SIRION Biotech was founded in Munich in 2006 with the idea of enabling novel cell models closer to reality than ever before. This required the assembly of an all-encompassing, novel viral vector platform. Both, designing de novo viral vectors and the subsequent creation of custom cell models will pave the way for superior compound development in the life sciences. SIRION's technologies have been validated in over 300 single projects with more than 100 academic and industrial partners. As a result, cell models for drug discovery and development have become highly reliable, as have the use of new viral vectors in gene therapy and vaccine studies.