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Munich experts to discuss novel in vitro cell models

(PresseBox) (Munich, Germany, ) More than 20 scientists met in early March at IZB Martinsried near Munich to discuss ways of further improving in vitro cell models. Modern preclinical research would not anymore exist without them.

Key issues remain with regard to predictivity as there continues to be a lack of advanced cell lines resembling in vivo conditions. Instead, easy to handle cancer cell lines are often being used. Also, there are limitations with traditional 2D cell cultures.

Precise knockdowns approaching 100% are needed. Sophistication in shRNA validation now allows for the identification of highly effective sequences to reach such high levels. Also, clear cut homogeneous overexpressions are now possible with improved and optimized lentiviral vectors. Cell models in 3D are turning into a standard laboratory procedure as they reflect the living organisms significantly better. 3D microtissue generation scaffold free allows for automation with size variation of less than 9% and hence, for high throughput applications in compound screening.

The seminar on 6 March 2012 was hosted by SIRION Biotech GmbH with a speaker from InSphero AG, Zurich.


SIRION BIOTECH GmbH is a biotech company that produces genetically modified cells and is a technology provider in the area of viral vector systems. The company was founded in 2006 and is located in Martinsried near Munich. The expert in RNAi technology offers a wide range of more than 100 products and services. Using state of the art techniques and assay systems the company offers reliable lead-through service projects in target validation, screening and drug discovery.

With its strong expertise in cell line development SIRION BIOTECH serves as a partner for the development and optimization of cell lines for various applications like cellular assay systems and the production of vaccines or antibodies.

SIRION BIOTECH currently operates projects for most of the major pharmaceutical companies in Europe and has ongoing collaborations with leading academic and governmental research institutes.