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Matured vector technologies open industrial gene therapy and vaccine markets to German Biotech

Viral vectors gain traction in the industry

(PresseBox) (München, ) Last year was pivotal for German gene delivery expert SIRION Biotech. As global specialists for refining viral vectors, the company was able to strike major deals with industrial partners and altogether almost double their annual revenue stream. The company was further able to efficiently upscale and validate their in-house adenovirus serotype Ad19a as a potential gene vector for vaccination development.

Gene replacement therapy, genetic vaccination and cancer immunotherapies are becoming a major focus of medical research, and genetic modification of patient cells is their key element of success. In most programs, the question of WHICH genes need to be modified has been answered. This makes the question of HOW to introduce and control a gene in the patient the biggest obstacle on the way to a cure. Every pathology, every tissue or cell type holds new sets of challenges and necessitates the development of a customized gene delivery system.

Vectors derived from viruses are considered the most promising gene delivery tools today. Viruses have evolved naturally over millions of years to become ideal gene transfer vehicles. By replacing key elements of the virus genome with therapeutically helpful genes, virus specialists such as SIRION Biotech can build and refine highly complex vectors, destined to become the next big pharmaceutical achievement since engineered antibodies.

Their successful signing of 3 major collaboration deals with industrial drug and therapy development companies in 2015 has demonstrated that the demand for gene delivery experts is on the rise. Together, these strategic alliances join in the development of unprecedented gene therapies that will answer medicine’s most pressing questions: The fight against cancer, genetically linked disabilities and the threat of epidemic diseases in an ever-growing populous.

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SIRION Biotech started in Munich in 2007 with a mission to develop next generation viral vectors for research, gene therapy and vaccines. This required the assembly of an all-encompassing, novel viral vector platform. Both, designing de novo viral vectors and the subsequent creation of custom cell models will pave the way for superior compound development in the life sciences. SIRION's technologies have been validated in over 500 single projects with more than 150 academic and industrial partners.