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Send routing slips digitally - Dortmund-based software company develops new add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Simova GmbH, a specialist for the development of Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on modules, has launched DVS (Digital Verification Solution), the first add-on for sending electronic routing slips

(PresseBox) (Dortmund, ) What about digitisation in 2018? Digitized work processes can surely be found in all companies today. Simova GmbH accompanies its customers on their way to digitisation with the help of Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on modules, which are integrated in the respective industry solution in order to digitally map and simplify tasks.

In cooperation with customers Simova repeatedly identifies areas in which digitization of processes could add value for companies. This is why the new NAV module "Digital Verification Solution", or DVS for short, was created: needs-oriented and inspired by the requirements of a customer.

In spite of numerous digital work processes in companies routing slips are still issued and passed on in paper form. Most of the time, employees are located in different departments all over the place thus it takes time to reach the recipient. In addition, there is occasional loss of routing slips leaving important questions unanswered.

Simova made it their business to change this. “We have developed a unique product that takes companies further into the digital future," says Christian Haase, CEO of Simova GmbH. “With DVS employees can ask process-related questions directly from NAV and the recipient can answer them immediately in his role center. This saves time and, above all, ensures the flow of information." The time-consuming dispatch of routing slips on paper is a thing of the past.

In his or her role center, on the individual welcome page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the industry solution used, every employee sees whether he or she has been asked questions and can answer them directly. "This minimizes the risk of questions remaining unanswered or not being answered at all," explains Michael Pardulla, CEO of Simova GmbH. For questions which are crucial for the workflow the company has added an important feature: The user can differentiate between crucial and non-crucial questions, the former stopping the work process until the answer is received. "This ensures a smooth workflow within the company," Michael Pardulla continues.

The product is also user-friendly thanks to the possibility of creating questionnaires. Here the administrator has the possibility to manage, change or remove questions. Employees do not have to type recurring questions again and again.

Interesting for CEOs and system administrators: DVS is fully integrated in NAV and can be implemented and set up with little effort. Like this, the company benefits from time saving and cost efficiency.

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With nine employees by now Simova GmbH continues to grow. Thanks to its industry independence the company is always on the lookout for new sales and technology partners who can place its innovative solutions in other industries. When developing and optimizing add-ons Simova works closely with customers and partners in order to understand and support the modern IT requirements of companies.

Digitisation is an absolute added value for companies, both financially and in terms of optimising internal and external processes. If you, as a NAV user, want to make your company fit for the future, Simova GmbH is the right partner for you.

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