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Safety in an Elevator

Fire alert! Are you safe in an elevator?

(PresseBox) (Passau, ) Everybody already heard about be stuck in an elevator. But nobody is thinking about getting serious problems by using an elevator. It is not allowed to use the elevators in case of fire. But often the people using facilities in a building and do not know that there is a fire in another floor or another part of the building. Smoke is toxic and since almost 90% of all fire victims are killed primarily by smoke poisoning. This is the reason why in all countries around Europe the building laws requires facilities for fire and smoke protection.

In a case of fire large quantities of smoke and hot gases rise from the fire into all areas of a building. Of course the doors of an elevator are not a sufficient barrier for the smoke and the hot gases. This is why a smoke and heat exhaust system must be installed in elevators shaft. The Simon RWA System ensures a smoke free elevators shaft in case of fire and triggers the control panel of the elevator to bring the elevator in its designated escape and evacuation floor. To provide a safety kind of system it is necessary to monitor the air in the shaft continuously. The system aspirates the air of the shaft and checks it for particulate material. In case of detecting smoke the systems starts two very important things. First the opening flat in the top of the shaft opens automatically and second the elevator is send to the designated evacuation floor. This ensures a maximum of safety for the people using elevators. With this system you get the maximum of possible protection against the consequences of fire in buildings.