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Silex Media enhances integration at Danish Radio

Omneon integration into the existing Hydrogen Lifecycle Management system

(PresseBox) (Copenhagen, ) Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) has chosen the Munich-based systems integrator Silex Media to enhance their existing Hydrogen Lifecycle Management (HLM) system. The project extends the current Omneon playout integration to include an ingest capability. The project was accepted today and is now in regular operation.

DR, an independent, licence financed public broadcaster, is Denmark's oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. Besides its significant role as radio and TV broadcaster DR has become the largest Danish Internet news provider. To manage the large amount of content efficiently and especially to combine the proprietary systems for production, newsroom, scheduling and archiving, DR is using HLM by Silex Media for more than two years now.

To integrate new systems HLM uses a multi-level approach: There is a base web service, the Save Service, which can be utilized by different external systems or applications for ingesting metadata and essence. Alongside this there is also a dialog service, Save Dialog, which provides a uniform GUI. The Save Dialog is neutral to the kind of device material is coming from and is the main metadata interface regardless of the type of ingest. This unique component understands the different types of devices and applications. This project centred on developing a Save Dialog starter to provide the logic to translate the specific Omneon protocols. For DR the integration of Omneon is based on the original Omneon APIs.

"The Save Service is already being used for P2 and Avid ingest. We see this as a simple way to integrate all kinds of ingest functionality. Integration of new systems is easy with Hydrogen Lifecycle Management", said Gert Hansen, Silex Media representative in Denmark.

About Hydrogen Lifecycle Management

HLM solution - the backbone information system for the broadcast cooperation - allows broadcasters to create a complete Lifecycle Management system for production and archives which integrates with the entire enterprise, without customers being locked into one vendor or one solution.

All workflows in the broadcast environment can be supported by the Hydrogen framework. As the heart of a 3 tier system architecture Hydrogen Lifecycle Management takes care of the overall sharing of information, including between:

- Functions in workflow (client applications)
- Systems (System to system)
- Different media types (TV, Radio, Web, etc.)
- Departments (editing, news, programme, archive and also including legal and admin)
- Organizations (Business to business)

Silex Media GmbH

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