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CeBIT 2014: signotec introduces the A4- Signature Pad Alpha for displaying large, complex documents in their original size

As first German manufacturer of signature pads, signotec has developed a pen pad with display, that allows to sign electronically and on paper at the same time.

(PresseBox) (Ratingen, ) An A4-sized signature pad, that is not just duplicating a monitor, is an absolute innovation and new on the market. But the demand however is huge, because many users want to see the full page, which they have to sign in original size. Also legal experts think that’s essential, to achieve the same effect as with an original document. That’s not possible with normal pen pads, but with the new “Alpha” from signotec it is. Even the requirement of a “wet ink signature”, which e.g. applies to loan agreements, can be fulfilled with the pad: The signee therefor places the original document on the pad and signs paper and PDF at the same time via electronic blueprint.

Large-sized pen pads are particularly needed, when you want to display complex documents, which have to be signed. Delivery notes with many positions or contracts with multiple pages for example, in which you have to turn pages. Normal pen pads are too small for that. Although there are already some large-sized devices on which you can sign, but these are mostly just pure monitor extensions, on which the user can also see all other running applications.

On the other hand, the Alpha is a real signature pad. A new technical procedure from signotec makes it possible; to sign an electronic document and parallel meet the requirement of the written form. Because the Alpha is not using pressure sensitive sensors, but rather using an electromagnetic resonance technology. A special-pen with an exchangeable pen-tip is supplied. The signee places the original contract on the pad with the displayed PDF and signs both at the same time. Arne Brandes, managing director of the signotec GmbH: “There are a lot of different contract types, where the legislator calls for an “wet ink signature”, e.g. for federal banking or for loan agreements. Because of that, the bank or the retailer always has to let the original document being signed, and if he wants to process it electronically, he always has to scan it first. With the “Alpha” he can do it in one step”. If the paper document is not needed due to the principle of freedom of contract, the ink tip can be replaced with a plastic tip. The full-page documents are then simply going to be signed electronically on the high-resolution display.

The signotec GmbH has developed the new pad from their experiences and the requirements in practice. The Alpha has the same RSA-security features like signotec’s other proven signature pads, the Sigma and Omega. With a very high sampling rate, direction, time and pressure coordinates are going to be digitized and captured. Biometric data is captured and provided and 100% authenticity is guaranteed as the data transfer from pad to PC is encrypted to documents. The data transfer from pad to PC is encrypted, due to that it’s not possible to spy out the biometric characteristics.

signotec GmbH will be at the CeBIT 2014 in Hall 3 / Booth D25.

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signotec GmbH

signotec was founded in the year 2000 and is market- and technology leader in the field of electronic signatures via pen-pad or tablet-PC. With signotec´s products the user is able to sign as usual, also digitally, optimize business processes, avoid media disruption, authenticate persons and create legally compliant documents. Electronic documents being signed in this way can be checked always, everywhere and by everybody without any technical complexity. With signotec signature solutions signing remains as simple and safe as it has always been. Signing, though, takes place directly within the electronic document. Thus cost-intensive media disruption contingent on the use of paper can be prevented, and electronic documents are protected by the digital signature and can be verified. Clients are German and international industry customers, trade chains and -corporations, financial institutions, numerous institutes of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe as well as the Volks- and Raiffeisenbank, insurances and broker.