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J1939 Motor Bridge for mobile applications from Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW)

(PresseBox) (Kaufbeuren, ) The ESX-MBC is a J1939 slave module for the control of electric motors and other actuators in the power range up to 200 W. Four integrated half bridges are each capable of handling 10 A, with current measurement and diagnostics, and two additional power outputs deliver 4 A each. An IP67 housing and extended temperature range makes it ideal for decentralized control applications in vehicles and mobile machines.

STW introduced the ESX-MBC specifically to meet the demands of the agricultural and construction machine industries for a compact, reliable motor bridge slave module. Each PWM half bridge supplies up to 10 A, with PWM frequencies up to 20 kHz. The half-bridges include current measurement and diagnosis for the identification of typical system failures, and there is protection against short circuits. The bridges, and digital outputs are provided with secondary shut down paths in two relay groups.

To provide a comprehensive control solution, four multi-function inputs are integrated. Each input can be configured for frequency, current or voltage measurement, complementing the motor control tasks. The module features a programmable sensor supply for up to 250 mA, and so a complete local control solution.

The design of the ESX-MBC benefits from a long heritage of mobile control system design in the ESX control family. Integration is optimized with a single 42-pol automotive connector, and an identification pin means multiple modules of the same type can be installed in different locations on a vehicle and automatically identified by the control system. The supply voltage ranges from 9 to 32 volts. As with other members of the ESX family the MBC features an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, a watertight IP67 housing, and is compliant with the shock and vibration standards of the agricultural, construction and automotive industries. The ESX-MBC offers a versatile and robust solution to for electric motor control in mobile applications.

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