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Introducing Farming 4.0 with Harry the friendly data octopus

(PresseBox) (Kaufbeuren, ) At this year’s Agritechnica Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) is demonstrating the efficient collection, processing, and presentation of data in agriculture using its friendly data octopus. The focus is placed on services which can transform the basic availability of information into “Farming 4.0“.

Whereas real octopuses hold onto their prey to the bitter end and then swallow and digest it to leave behind a smelly mess, the STW data octopus gathers information, processes it and forwards it on. The pneumatic arms of the octopus show the diversity of possible data sources. Different sensors provide values for pressure, temperature, torque, humidity, inclination and position as well as speed. At the same time, operator interfaces such as displays and joysticks are providing external stimulus. Central control units, from the ESX family, form the brains of the octopus. Here in the decentralised brains, data is collected, prepared and submitted as commands for actuators. In this way, the octopus symbolizes the information flow on an agricultural vehicle.

At home in his own environment, the friendly data octopus also communicates with the surrounding environment. In this way, he can exchange data with other machines, and integrate himself into the entire process chain. To do this, he incorporates the TC3G Teleservice module, which is able to record data over longer time periods, but which above all provides the connection to servers in the Cloud via the mobile networks. In collaboration with partners such as Cumulocity, STW can prepare selected data for other process participants. In the same way, information can be passed from the network to a tractor: Where and when should something be unloaded? What is my next task? The tractor provides its services for “Farming 4.0” – as symbolised by the friendly STW octopus.

You can find us in Hall 15, Booth F53.

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