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With SemVox ODP S3, There Is No Spy In The Children's Room | CeBIT 2017

Since the talking doll "Cayla" was officially banned by the Federal Network Agency on February 17th, 2017, the news reports on the subject have not subsided

(PresseBox) (Saarbrücken, ) Understandable – who wants a spy in the children's room (or any other room at home), who permanently sends data to a server and potentially to unauthorized third parties? Jochen Homann, the President of the Federal Network Agency, says that "objects that hide cameras or microphones and can transmit data through them without warning endanger the privacy of the people – especially so when they’re integrated into children's toys."

With SemVox ODP S3, "conversational agents" such as Cayla can be implemented completely without a connection to the Internet –they are completely embedded and therefore safe.

This means that no data is being sent anywhere at any time, and the home is protected from eavesdroppers. Unnoticed and unwanted monitoring is impossible: the conversations of the child or other persons can not be recorded and forwarded. So-called "unauthorized radio-capable systems in children's toys" have to be looked at in a nuanced way in this regard, however. “Radio-capable“ does not necessarily mean “always sending“. Only if desired, a time-limited, targeted information query can also take place on the Internet (eg, current weather data or child-reworked messages) with ODP S3. After all, security does not end with a block list of words and filter functions for Internet content.

ODP S3 also avoids a further security gap that for example the controversial "Hello Barbie" suffers from: That Barbie always connects with the same password to its companion app – if this password should get in the wrong hands, hackers could easily upload malicious software and mark it as trustworthy. Since SemVox ODP S3 can run completely embedded, this risk is also completely eliminated.

Thanks to the small footprint of ODP S3 and the embedded ASR (Automatic Voice Recognition) and TTS (Text-to-Speech) components, even complex dialogs can run on the toy itself without compromising the quality of the dialogue. ODP S3 uses the extensive possibilities of artificial intelligence for context interpretation as well as for modeling context factors. The comprehensive semantic processing supports the modeling of these context factors and thus ensures a natural, intuitive system behavior. Unlike speech recognition alone, ODP S3 therefore provides intelligent language comprehension and is able to proactively support the user.

Talk to us and make your toy, your device and your robot not only intelligent, but also safe - with virtual personal assistants from SemVox! Find us at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover, hall 11, stand C20 (14).

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paragon semvox GmbH

SemVox offers innovative solutions and technologies for voice control, mobile applications and pro-active assistance in dialog systems, based on the latest AI technology.

SemVox was founded in 2008 and has since been dedicated to making information come alive and usable in an intuitive way, creating efficient, simple and intelligent control concept. Whether speech input, gesture or touchscreen control, or even a combination of several input modes - SemVox technology gives users the freedom to choose the optimal input mode in any situation.

Based on ODP S3 (Ontology-based Dialog Platform), SemVox develops interactive, intermodal and intelligent solutions for the automotive sector, smart homes, home entertainment, industry 4.0, medical technology, and mobile solutions. ODP S3 enables integrators to develop their own intelligent next-generation speech dialog systems and integrate them into their existing infrastructures.

SemVox solutions and technologies can be integrated easily on end devices (embedded), run in a cloud or as a hybrid system, making them deployable on all platforms. With more than 100 years of combined experience, SemVox also provides technology consulting services and supports customers in transforming ideas into innovations.

SemVox is an official Nuance Master Distributor.