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Securitisation Consulting Launches New, Free Source of Information and Communication for ABS-, CDO-, MBS- and RMBS-Investors

(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) Securitisation Consulting GmbH, a German software development and consultancy company, has launched a new B2B platform on the web which provides risk transparency for buyers and sellers of ABS-, CDO-, CMBS- and RMBS structured products by combining communication with information.

In times of financial crisis on the nontransparent securitisation markets, it is difficult getting access to reliable and accurate data on structured deals as well as on market participants. With instiLink, the Institutional Investors Network, Securitisation Consulting GmbH has found a way to close the gap between lack of trustworthy information and investors' demands.

"The idea is to make the contact between a buyer and seller more efficient and provide investors with highquality data," says chief executive Yury Menchinskiy. Issuers and underwriters will be able to announce new deals in the instiLink Deal Pipeline, a database of all deals recently issued, and investors can then check out potential purchases. The business network, which is integral part of instiLink, allows interested parties to get into direct contact with the relevant contact persons.

instiLink is updated daily and also offer to its users latest news on the securitisation market. These are provided both by various reputable contributors and by active members of the platform. Furthermore, users of the site can browse the so called instiLink Directory, a database of institutions involved in structured finance business and find out more about the companies' products and services.

Most features and services such as news and deals publications are offered for free. It only needs subscription to benefit from these. However, to post certain marketing materials or information about their company, professionals will have to subscribe as sponsors of the platform which will include paying a monthly contribution.

instiLink will be expanding continually with special focus on the development of the instiLink Deal Pipeline into a global source of information free of cost. By increasing the amount of information for each transaction, the platform will allow members to monitor both existing and forthcoming deals. To guarantee correctness of data, all deals published will be rechecked manually.

The website can be accessed under

Securitisation Consulting GmbH

Securitisation Consulting GmbH is a leading consulting company, professional in advising banks, funds, other financial institutions on Asset Securitisation and IT. Our mission is to boost your company productivity, providing necessary IT systems to accomplish business targets in most significant processes in the securitisation area. Today we help leading market players to achieve their business objectives, by building IT platforms needed to work with complex products, such as ABS, MBS or various types of CDOs. Besides ABS investment and portfolio managements, we provide effective solutions for reporting, monitoring and risk analysis as a part of our ABSPlatform.

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