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Swiss-Domains: More Swissness is not possiblle

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) The registry writes about .swiss, that this new domain extension
"-unmistakably indicates the origin and the base of Swiss businesses and organisations.
-underlines identification with the Swiss brand and its values.
-gives the web presence of Swiss organisations the exclusivity they deserve.
-raises the profile of Swiss brands far beyond the national frontiers."

Only companies with settlements in Switzerland can apply for .swiss. Anyboy can apply for .ch-Domains. More "swissness" than with .swiss is not possible at the web. If it's swiss, make it .swiss!

The relationship between better ranking and the new top-level domains was proved by a study of Searchmetrics for Berlin-domains. Websites with Berlin-Domains frequently place better than websites with .de domains and .com domains in regional searches at Google. The result of the study by Searchmetrics can be summarized as follows:

"42% of searches show that .berlin domains rank better locally ."

The study of total sites in Houston shows that the results by Searchmetrics can be generalized to all new top level domains, including the new Swiss-Domains and Zurich-Domains: It was proved that Google uses the domain endings of the New Top Level Domains as a key element for the assessment of domains. Total sites draws as a conclusion:

"It is clear that the new top-level domains improve the ranking in search engines. "

A business registration document, a Swiss trademark or an International Trademark valid in Switzerland is sufficient, to apply for a swiss-domain in the Sunrise Period.

Additional costs of 250 EUR for the registration at the trade mark clearinghouse must only be paid, if you use other trademarks than Swiss trademarks.

Marc Mueller

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