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Scot-Domains: Scotland's virtual Independence

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) The Scotland-Domain arrives in a political interesting situation. Scotland will decide in September about independence. It could be, that in 2015 Scotland is out of UK, but in EU, England is out of EU, but in UK. reports: "Both Yes and No campaigns have signed up to new Scottish domain name .scot with less than 100 days to go before September's independence referendum. Yes Scotland, Better Together, NHS Scotland and the Scottish government were among the first to register for the domain."

The goal of Scot-Domains is to provide an online identity for the Scottish culture, people, businesses and organizations in Scotland and around the world.

Registrations under the .scot TLD are restricted to bona-fide members of the Scottish community, and subject to the further requirement that the registrant’s actions in the .scot TLD community, as well as the registrant’s use of the registered domain name, must be:
-generally accepted as legitimate;
-and beneficial to the cause and the values of the Scottish community;
-and commensurate with the role and importance of the registered domain name;
-and in good faith at the time of registration and thereafter.

Who belong's to the worldwide Scottish Community? You must not necessarily live in Soctland, in order to belong to the Scottish Community.

You can belong to the Scottish Community
-by birth or residence as Scottish;
-by ancestry as of Scots origin;
-as businesses located in Scotland or registered in Scotland;
-as organisations and their memberships whose stated remit is to celebrate or further the heritage, arts, music, languages, sports and culture of Scotland.

Applications of Scot-Domains in non-English languages are welcome, specifically in Gaelic, Shetlandic and Orcadian which often require the use of non ASCII characters, as well as in the other Scottish languages of Doric and Scots.

Marc Mueller

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