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Info-Domains: Get the domains you want

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) For the first time , the Internet has a self-explaining address: .info. Since it's newer than com-domains, .info-domains offer millions of short, easy-to-remember names for registration. That means you can finally get the exact Internet address where people expect to find you.

Already, many of the world's most valuable brands have registered their info-domains - companies like Mercedes, Sony, and Coca-Cola. Now it's your turn. Join the thousands of businesses, individuals, and organizations who have registered their info-domains.. It will help Web users find you fast.

It's the one domain that means "information" to everyone everywhere. So register your .info name today while the best names - including yours - are still available!

If the info-domain is taken, you can "backorder" it at

Many thousand info-domains are in the process of deletion. Among them are attractive and beautiful names.

Hans-Peter Oswald