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If your website contains information, the info-domain is your domain

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Fast access to information. That's the goal of Internet users all over the world. The info-Domain is the logical choice if you are creating an informational website to reach these busy people.

A info-Domain is the ideal address for your new information-focused website! Whether it's info about yourself, your organization, a favorite hobby, or a hot topic, a short and intuitive info-Domain name is available that's perfect for your website or email address.

The info-Domain is also an excellent web address for a site designed for a global audience, as "info" is synonymous with information in languages and countries all over the world. A .INFO web address is sure to give your site truly global appeal!

With over 5 million info-Domains worldwide, the info-Domain is well known, and you know you will be in great company!

Marc Müller (German) (English)

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