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Get to the top with Top-Domains

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Why choose the Top-Domain?

The Top-Domains have been growing exceptionally and are at the moment (Dec. 2017) the No.2 most registered new gTLD in the world. There are around 2.5 million Top-Domains registered from over 240 countries and regions in the world. Companies from various industries and people from all walks of life use Top-Domains, to tell their customers, clients, partners, fans and audience that they are offering the best products, services and performance, that they are trying to get to the top, and they are or will be on the top of what they do.

If your product or service is at the top, you should also register Top-Domains.

Old domain name extensions have been unable to meet the needs of all enterprises and users. Many names are taken at domain extensions like .com. So here comes the Top-Domain.

Why choose the Top-Domain?

-Perfect meaning

In almost any industry, it's the top names that are more often remembered and spoken of. So as a company brand, a domain name not only had better to be short, easy to remember, but attractive and exceptional. The upbeat meaning of .top tells people and reminds you to be confident, positive, always to go for the best and reach the top.

-Global popularity
There are 10 billion search results of "top" in Google.More than 10 thousand Top-Domains are registered each day-to-day:"Top" is a simple English word, so nearly everyone understands it without difficult - no matter what language he or she speaks.

-Chosen by big brands
Customers of Top-Domain registry never are lack of big brands, for example, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Chanel, Google, Lego, Yahoo ,Rolex and etc. All have registered their Top-Domains.

- Advantage in China
If your business covers China market, you may want to know that for websites to use Chinese domain servers, ICP license is necessary. And the Top-Domain was recognized by MIIT, so it's one of the major reasons that the Top-Domain is especially popular both with end-users and domain investors.

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