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Liquid sealing - a process with growing potential

(PresseBox) (Neustadt/Donau, ) A case in point: the increased demand for fluid sealing applications, which allow manufacturers to dramatically increase efficiency, maximize the use of equipment and resources, and reduce both inventory and costs. Until now, pre-formed sealing rings, also known as O-rings, have been the sealant of choice across a wide range of applications. The problem: O-rings come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, widths, and materials, and nearly every piece of equipment calls for a different kind - requiring a highly precise application that's prone to confusion. In addition, keeping the right number and types of O-rings in stock to address various needs on an ongoing basis can quickly become a cost burden. Liquid sealing solutions, on the other hand, offer manufacturers much more freedom in the selection of seal designs and materials, streamline the application process, and provide clear advantages to efficiency and costs.

In our in-house technical centre, we have observed a stark increase in the number of queries received from the automotive sector. The reason for this is that there has been a considerable improvement in the resistance offered by liquid sealing materials at high temperatures and their compatibility with lubricants. The new compositions provide promising results when sealing controller casings such as those for ABS or ESP systems. In addition to these sector-specific trends, we have also recognised growth in bonding technology. More and more frequently, applications are being sought in which the dispensing material provides both a seal and adhesion qualities. We have particularly observed this in products which are continually being reduced in size, such as cell phones, controllers or notebooks.

As a metering and dispensing specialist, liquid sealing processes form part of our standard repertoire. The advantages of liquid sealing processes are obvious. The manufacturer is flexible when choosing the shape of his sealing bead and, depending on the machine, also when changing his dispensing material. Seals (O-rings) can no longer be mixed up or inserted incorrectly and smaller numbers of these components now need to be available in the warehouse.

With our equipment, we can offer cost-efficient planning particularly to expanding corporations. Due to the fact that Scheugenpflug plants are standardised, the customer only needs to purchase the machine components he really needs, such as a material feeding and metering system. If his production continues to grow, he can easily expand and automate it using dispensing cells or vacuum plants. The basic modules already purchased can be easily integrated into the new production process.

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For more than 24 years now, Scheugenpflug AG has been a leading supplier of resin metering and dispensing systems for the automation of dispensing processes both at atmospheric pressure levels and in vacuum environments. Based on a wealth of experience in mechanical engineering, our core competence is the continuous improvement of material preparation, material feeding and dispensing machinery with a special focus on vacuum dispensing systems. The sustained high-end orientation of the Scheugenpflug Team is your success, because we deliver the high quality metering systems that can be used for the most complex tasks in dispensing, casting, sealing or potting processes.