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Expansion of the SafetyNET p Infrastructure

(PresseBox) (Ostfildern, ) New infrastructure components are now available for cross linking the Automation system PSS 4000 with SafetyNET p . With the new industrial Ethernet switches from the company Pilz, the network topology can be flexibly adapted to the plant layout. Amongst others, star, tree and ring architectural structures are possible. Intelligent structuring enhances the availability of the SafetyNET p network and increases its expansion.

At present there are two different switch segments available. The unmanaged low layer switches (SLL) are suitable for smaller networks, whereas the configured high layer switches (SHL) allow for larger networks and comprehensive diagnosis possibilities. In order to meet the consistently increasing demand for availability, an interruption in communication at a certain point in the ring is given an alternative communication path through the standby path. Using this method, data communication within the topology is maintained and availability is increased.

Larger - quicker - further

In order to make higher distances of over 30km possible in widely distributed applications, the machines, according to their configuration, are equipped with fibre optic interfaces (Uplink). Apart from the increased stability, extreme distances are easily bridged with this method. The machines from both products were certified by Safety Network International and approved for application in SafetyNET p networks.

Safety Network International e.V

Safety Network International e. V. is an independant organisation originating from the SafetyBUS p Club International. Apart from the well established SafetyBUS p® system, the organization also supports the Ethernet based system SafetyNET p®. With this, the network sets the next milestone in industrial communication systems. Members are users, integrators and developers of both systems. The network promotes their implementation and technical development. The organization was founded in 1999 and now has 75 member companies.