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The srtToolbox by SRT GmbH

Lets ERP and Online Shop Talk to Each Other

(PresseBox) (Hannover, ) Less effort, more revenue! The modular, platform independent srtToolbox enables seamless communication between different online shop and ERP systems.

If you want an ERP system and a shop system to communicate with each other, you normally need a translator as both speak different "languages".  SRT GmbH has developed such a translator with the srtToolbox. The interface is able to convert any signal, even for 25 shop systems and 30 ERP systems simultaneously. This way, an online shop can be set up even if it is not compatible with the store's ERP system.

Independent, modular and expandable at will

„Thanks to our interface, you needn't reinvent the wheel," says Ümüt Kaplan, managing director at SRT GmbH. The ERP-Shop interface srtToolbox imports and exports articles automatically or manually, as required.

The platform-independent, C#-developed interface is a separate program that runs alongside the ERP system on a company's in-house server or client simultaneously. It consists of various modules, can be upgraded flexibly, and is expendable by the desired functions.

The basic module forms the basis; it provides the protocols and default settings for data transfer between a client's shop and ERP system. The transfer of data is protected according to the latest security standards.

"Operators of online shops need to achieve a lot in order for their online business to run successfully", knows Kaplan. Adjustment and maintenance of data between ERP system and shop system should not be part of their tasks.

The srtToolbox automates and standardizes working steps and thereby ensures greater sufficiency – users are given more time to deal with more important tasks such as the development of their business.

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SRT GmbH is a young and ambitious company specialized in the field of interface programming. Our innovative software enables every online shop operator to achieve maximum success with minimal effort.

SRT is striving to becoming both a knowledge base and an opinion leader in all questions related to e-commerce.