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ROMIRA – Best customer service

(PresseBox) (Pinneberg, ) Pinneberg/Germany, August 18th, 2014 – Customer service is high on ROMIRA’s list of priorities: as a competent partner and manufacturer of technical thermoplastics the company offers its customers not only application-specific material solutions, but also provides services such as on-site technical support and comprehensive materials testing.

The ROMIRA polymer laboratory is equipped with modern instruments to test the mechanical, thermal and performance characteristics of plastics. In addition to instruments for testing the bending strength, tensile strength and impact toughness, which are essential for all compounds, a capillary rheometer is used to measure the rheological properties of the melt. This data is then used in simulations before new injection moulds are constructed.

For highly complex parts used in the automotive industry, for example loudspeaker grilles or trims, precise determination and compliance of a material's rheological data for deliveries with a constant rheology is particularly important.

A xenotest, which simulates exposure to light and weathering, provides a statement on the UV and weathering resistance of plastic compounds within a very short time. ROMIRA has been using the xenotester Q-Sun Xe-3 HS from Q-Lab for a number of years to test its newly developed or modified formulations. The UV resistance of a plastic compound primarily depends on the chemical structure of its constituents, both polymers and additives. Precoloured materials are generally used in weatherable applications. Therefore, it is of prime importance to examine the influence of the employed pigments and colourants in combination with the respective compound. In this case, the test conditions correspond to the automotive standards based on ISO 4892, using light passed through a window glass filter for interior applications as well as with illumination (daylight filter) and a water spray for exterior applications.

Further tests include those for the stress cracking resistance and chemical resistance of existing and newly developed compounds. ROMIRA can also provide assistance to its customers in the selection of materials for specific applications, for example, medical engineering.


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About the ROMIRA GmbH:

The ROMIRA GmbH was founded in 1990 and is an affiliated partner within the ROWA GROUP. As part of this strong combine, we set standards for technical plastics with our profound competence and synergetic know-how.

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