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Nextrom's specialty fiber preform technology

The OFC 12 MCVD/FCVD Deposition System is a very flexible and customizable solution for small-scale specialty fiber preform production

(PresseBox) (Vantaa, ) MCVD and FCVD are widely used methods for the fabrication of high-quality specialty fiber preforms. The OFC 12 can support complex refractive index profiles and those preforms are then drawn to many different special fiber types, such as laser fibers, multi-mode fibers or sensor fibers. The system is especially set up for small-scale and special fiber production. According to the respective needs, it can be tailored with regard to the number of bubblers, the number of additional gases, different preform lengths and the substrate tube outer diameter. It can also be selected whether the heat source is a burner or a furnace, or even both.
To expand its capability, the system can be combined with a high-temperature cabinet for the vapour phase doping process, which allows for producing laser fibers without an additional process step. The vapour phase doping cabinet processes rare earth elements like Al, Er and Yb to name just a few.
The OFC 12 is reliable and offers a quick set-up and low maintenance production of the preforms. Advanced process monitoring and online diameter control optimize the yield, and the modular construction meets the requirements for various silica fiber types. The system has proven its reliability by means of the more than 135 systems we have delivered to the market.

Your benefits:
  1. High degree of customization
  2. Process stability and repeatability
  3. Good contamination control
  4. Easy maintenance and space reduction
  5. Long-term reliability and support

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