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"ipoque Open" Kick Off: ipoque’s Open Source DPI Development Contest

After launching the first open source deep packet inspection engine last year, ipoque now organizes an OpenDPI development contest with a 500 Euro prize for the winner.

(PresseBox) (Leipzig, ) Within a few months after its launch, OpenDPI, ipoque’s open source DPI software, has been downloaded almost 5000 times. Today is the kick off for the OpenDPI development contest ipoque Open. Everybody being able to integrate OpenDPI into the Linux Netfilter infrastructure within three months stands a chance to win 500 Euros.

Klaus Mochalski, CEO of ipoque and responsible for the OpenDPI project, explains: “The release of parts of our source code has surprised many experts. We have received lots of positive feedback on OpenDPI since. With this contest we want to stimulate the discussion and exchange of ideas about deep packet inspection and also support the open source idea.”

Conditions & Prize
The requirements and conditions are specified at The winner will be rewarded with a prize of 500 Euros. All participants have three months time to submit their code. The deadline is 19 August 2010. The patch will be hosted at

Difference Between OpenDPI and ipoque’s Commercial PACE
OpenDPI is derived from the commercial PACE, one of ipoque’s products, a traffic classification engine that is used in carrier-grade DPI bandwidth management solutions. The core of OpenDPI is a software library designed to classify Internet traffic according to application protocols. Compared to fully-equipped PACE, OpenDPI does not feature support for encrypted or obfuscated protocols. Everybody can use the software and contribute to it under the conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

OpenDPI Facts
Since its launch last year, OpenDPI has been downloaded almost 5000 times, two pattern updates were released and more than 80 users submit content on a regular basis. The idea behind OpenDPI is to encourage knowledge exchange between all interested parties. If you would like to participate in the OpenDPI project or just have a look at it, go to one of the following pages to find out more:

ipoque GmbH A Rohde & Schwarz Company

ipoque is the leading European provider of deep packet inspection (DPI) solutions for Internet traffic management and analysis. ipoque’s PRX Traffic Manager allows network operators and Internet service providers to effectively monitor, shape, optimize, limit and control the resource consumption of network applications on a per-subscriber basis. The integrated quality-of-service (QoS) management functionality allows prioritization and optimization of network traffic to ensure the highest subscriber satisfaction and effective protection of the operator's infrastructure at the same time. ipoque's DPI engine reliably detects all relevant protocols and applications found in today's networks, including the most difficult-to-detect and proprietary protocols such as peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P), instant messaging (IM), Voice over IP (VoIP), tunneling, video and audio streaming, as well as many legacy applications. For further information see