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Companies are Saving by Managing Bandwidth rather than Adding More

Enterprises are turning to ipoque to help manage large data volumes to enhance the experience of their customers & employees rather than adding more bandwidth.

(PresseBox) (Leipzig, ) Leipzig, 27 September 2012 – ipoque, the leading European provider of solutions that improve Internet traffic performance, today announced that four more large enterprises have finally said “enough” with adding more bandwidth to solve their open-loop problem of trying to meet their continuous thirst for more throughput. These companies instead turned to ipoque to improve the performance of their traffic by better monitoring and managing their networks.
ipoque's new white paper illustrates the advantages of a multi-tier architecture of loosely coupled, well-integrated systems that is extensible, flexible and scalable enough to meet present and future challenges of network operators. The document regards the technical background and explains the functions of each network component, focusing mainly on the policy enforcement system.

“In times of cloud computing and exploding mobile data traffic in corporate networks, enterprise users have special requirements when it comes to their networks,” said Christian Müller, VP Product & Sales. “With cloud computing, decentralized office structure and more and more mobile devices sucking up resources, the pressure on network infrastructure is at an all-time high. As this infrastructure is central to connecting all employees around the world, companies cannot allow disruptions in performance which result in major revenue losses,” added Müller.
The ipoque white paper describes how the policy enforcement system can enable a great variety of scenarios: Whether an up-and-coming mobile network operator network wants to set itself apart from the well-established competition with progressive and creative charging models and value-added services, or a global player aims to monetize OTT traffic and use network capacity as efficiently as possible to deliver the best quality of experience to its customers.

ipoque’s PRX G-Series helps enterprises to save infrastructure and bandwidth costs. PRX enables companies to prioritize business applications in their networks in order to prevent latencies and interruptions with time-critical applications such as VoIP. Popular social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, and Skype can pose a serious risk, latency and drag on corporate networks ability to perform as enterprise-class pipelines.

ipoque will be showcasing their policy control and bandwidth management solutions at upcoming trade fairs in Africa, the Americas, Asia & Europe. Click here to learn where ipoque is nearest you:

For more information about traffic optimization in enterprises, please read an ipoque blog entry about this topic:

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ipoque GmbH A Rohde & Schwarz Company

ipoque provides network intelligence and policy control solutions helping fixed and mobile broadband operators to better understand traffic patterns, monetize new data services and improve the quality of experience for their subscribers. Our application classification and analysis engine enables bandwidth and congestion control, prioritized quality of service delivery and detailed network visibility. Over 200 broadband operator customers in more than 60 countries across the globe rely on ipoque's policy control solution to limit equipment and operating expenditures, increase profitability and maximize subscriber satisfaction. In addition, many network equipment providers use ipoque's deep packet inspection technology in their network security, WAN optimization and network management products to analyze data traffic of hundreds of millions of Internet users. ipoque was founded in 2005 in Leipzig, Germany, and has become a Rohde & Schwarz company in 2011. For more information see